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    I Was Told That 500mg Niacin Taken Every 6 Hours With A Gallon Of Water A Day For Take The Pills Everyday And U Will Pass I Have To Take One Next Wendsday And No Money For Anything Fancy
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    Never been tested myself so I may be off base with this but don't they check Niacin levels to see if someone is trying to mask usage? Higher than normal Niacin tells them something is fishy.

    I could be wrong.:shrug:
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    I dont Know i think it depends on the type of test really i was told by someone on the inside.
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    Inside of what?
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    i've heard both ways, but here are some second hand storys of my firends using niacin
    1. he did the niacin turned bright red and passed 2 days later (moderate smoker)
    2. used niacin turned red passed a week later(heavy smoker)
    3. used niacin turned red didnt pass 3 weeks later (heavy smoker)

    so realy im not sure if it works but one thing another one of my friends did was charcoals, not to expensive and he passed 3 weeks later (lighter smoker, a little heavy slow matabolism)

    just got this off of another thread

    Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] is rapidly absorbed by inhalation and the gastrointestinal tract. It is almost completely metabolized.

    YOU NEED AT LEAST 3-4 WEEKS for chronic users [no fun intended].

    Toxicologist Paul Cary reasercher in the Comprehensive overview Marijuana Detection Window. He conclued that casual smokers test positive for up to 7 days, And that it was very uncommon otherwise.

    However, Heavy smokers test positive for up to 21 days, no longer even with a 20ng/ml Cannabinoid cutoff. Longer test times have been documented but very uncommon even for the heaviest smoker.


    Off the bat Visine does slightly reduce the urine samples abality to foam. Visine can and will cause false negative [good thing]. Only for marijuana though, 125ml/l was the amount of Visine per test. The indgredients of Visine responsible for the blocking of a THC test are Benzalkonium chloride a presorvative and the borate buffer it reduced the 9-carboxy-thc in urine samples.

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    Split from: Niacin

    I have a couple of people that use this computer not all of whom who are as well informed as me sorry so some questions my friends have might not be the same as mine. thanks for the smart ass reply
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    Jail? :rofl2:

    Our friend Sec is in the drug testing industry. You can take whatever she says about testing as gospel.
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    I was wondering when someone was going to tell that guy he was communicating with an actual drug testing professional.
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    Doesn't matter if other people use the same computer or not...You are responsible for your member name and the posts made under that name.

    Don't see a "smart ass reply" in the least, myself.

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