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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by contishface, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. contishface

    contishface New Member

    One of my friends brothers claims to have invented this thing, he calls it a "Lung." I think its kinda cool. Smoked out of one once and it messed me up nicely :cool:.

  2. Frojoe

    Frojoe New Member

    well your friend's brother is lying his ass off. the lung has been around for a long time, so he didn't invent it. but it is a good way to get high, kinda like a g-bong without having to deal with all the water. not hard to make either.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    hahahahahahah classic. It is a cool smoking device though.
  4. BongMaster

    BongMaster New Member

    your brothers friend is a dumbass, ive been smoking those since i was 11

    gets you right stoned though

    did you guys know i invented the bong?
    im suing for royalties as we speak.
    everytime you hit a bong you owe me money, assholes

  5. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    this was the first homemade piece i used, and it got me faded off my ass
  6. k20

    k20 New Member

    Actually, I invented it. :)
  7. contishface

    contishface New Member

    Haha. Wow i guess my friends bro is a liar. hahaha.
  8. LightmyFire

    LightmyFire New Member

    hahahaha ya, ur bro invented the lung, nice :rolleyes:
  9. k20

    k20 New Member

    What is pulling the bag slowly down gonna do? I don't see how it's gonna suck...
  10. justblaze407

    justblaze407 New Member

    im assuming it works like a gravity bong, seeing as how ive never personally used one. its creating a vacuum and sucking more of the smoke down into it, taking the place of the bucket of water, and instead of pulling the bottle up, youre pulling a bag down.

    kinda looks kickass though i might try it. thanks for the idea. i learn all kinds of things here haha. :wave:
  11. k20

    k20 New Member

    I'd imagine it being a little hard to like get the bag to open up to suction air... I see it just pullin down like a teepee. :shrug:
    But who knows, it'd prolly work better than I think.
    Make one and supply pics and/or vids :D
  12. contishface

    contishface New Member

    Yeah the bag did seem to teepee more than inflate.
  13. 4/20

    4/20 ARRRRRR!

    It's like a gravity bong. When you pull the bag down, it sucks in air, which in turn fills the bottle/bag with smoke.

    It isn't hard to use at all. Just get a pinch of the bag, and pull as you light the bowl.

    It's also known as a parachute around here. My friend was having "troubles" inhaling the smoke when he began smoking, so I made one and let him use it. Because the bag with get sucked back into the bottle, you KNOW that they are inhaling. It's good for people new to smoking, or those who just don't get the inhalation part lol.

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