no papers,no bong,help!!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by asasinsofsocity, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. asasinsofsocity

    asasinsofsocity New Member

    ok.heres the friend borrowed my bowl 3 nights ago i think,and i used all my rolling papers,i hate smoking out of a tin foil bowl or cans or s*** like that.i really want to roll a joint.i have about an 8th left.should i just use regular paper? or what? i could use the last page of a bible but i dont know .help...

  2. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    Yeah I feel you on the tin foil bowls and pop can pipes... God I hate those, I'm never doing that **** again. My advice is to make an apple pipe... Get a pen and cave into the apple from the top, making an L shape so that you put your mouth on the side and the weed on top. Hits better than aluminum, that's for sure.

    You could also bum a cigarette and roll out of that, or roll a blunt with a Swisher.
  3. /robot food

    /robot food New Member

    ^^^ apple pipes work so good! and taste so good. i am going to go make one and have myself a bowl.
  4. L1nuX

    L1nuX New Member

    ya man defanitly go with teh apple pipe tin foil = :wtf:
  5. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    I recomend the apple pipe, but make it out of an orange or grapefruit. Easier to carve and u dont have to turn your head sidewayz.
  6. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member


    I have no idea what you're trying to say, linux.
  7. Raised Fist

    Raised Fist New Member

    What? I tried an orange once... lol.. it didn't work out like I hoped it would. Oranges have softer insides than an apple, so I'd still stick with an apple.
  8. imported_halfbaked

    imported_halfbaked New Member

    Cant you use a dollar bill? might not be the cheapest way to go, but maybe in a fix...

    im not positive on this one, wait for someone to confirm me.

    Also if it doesnt stick, use a little toothpaste, which was someones solution for making the paper(not the foil) from a gum rapper to stick. i guess you could use that too, but im guessing a little time consuming to get all that damned foil off eh?
  9. Genoi

    Genoi New Member

    uh don't use a dollar bill.

    potato, large carrot are the best for pipes.

    tracing paper and thin uninked bible/dictionary paper with honey to seal the j works fine.

    If you need a bowl and are not 18 I suggest going to a music store and purchasing a trumpet mouthpiece or french horn mouthpiece. With that you always have a bong/chillum you can use. Heat the plastic on a bottle and shove the trumpet mouthpiece through it. Eventually if you can get ahold of a drill and glass drill bit(can be found at most hardware stores) and drill a hole slightly larger than the trumpet mouthpiece end. Then to seal, use black electrical tape about 3/4 of the way up the shaft tailored to the size of the hole. Place a carb about 6/8 the way up and you got yourself a nice bong.

    take clay, roll it around a pen or marker let it dry. paint if desired but do not paint near one of the ends. Throw a screen in one end and smoke away on your new chillum.
  10. asasinsofsocity

    asasinsofsocity New Member

    thanks for all your ideas.i rolled 4 joints from a blank page out of the was good.almost just like the rolling paper down here but with out the stiky.if you liked it enough it ould stick nice.i didnt have no problems with it.once again thanks...

  11. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    Why not just walk to the corner store and pick up a pack of zigs?
  12. brown_toker

    brown_toker New Member

    wat do u guys mean by "the last page of the bible" ?
  13. asasinsofsocity

    asasinsofsocity New Member

    not exactly the last page but there is a few (or at least one) blank page in every bible,and bible paper is really thin,and it just like rolling paper

  14. brown_toker

    brown_toker New Member

    oo how would you make the J stick then like how a rollie has the adhesive band on it?
  15. ziggeh

    ziggeh New Member

    LoL I love it when kids use bleached paper and bible paper when they roll their joints, go ahead kids just OBLITERATE THEM BRAIN CELLS.

    Guys, there are rolling papers for a reason. They're made from tobacco, not dyed paper.

    If your really in a fix just empty out a cigarette.
  16. reefermadness1

    reefermadness1 New Member

    Rolling papers aren't made from Tobacco. I think you're confusing that with blunt wraps.

    Rolling papers come from either hemp or rice. I find the hemp ones are less harsh and taste better.
  17. Smokey85

    Smokey85 New Member

    or you could make a homemade bong

    get a piece of hose about 4-6inches long, and a water bottle, burn a hole in the bottle thats JUST big enough for the piece of hose to fit through, if theres any spare room left, just try and cover it up with tape, then, cover the part of hose still sticking out with foil and make a bowl out of..poke 4 small holes in the bottom..enjoy..
  18. L1nuX

    L1nuX New Member

    i was simply trying to state tin foil ="what the ****" that **** sucks
  19. imported_McDoobie

    imported_McDoobie New Member

    List of materials:
    *1 cigarette
    *1 paper clip
    *small tube rolled out of notebook paper

    1) Hollow out the cigarette with the paper clip.
    2) Put your paper tube in the hollow cig.
    3) pack bud into the cig, and tamp it down with a pen or screwdriver.
    4) remove paper tube.
    5) Light and enjoy!:chokin:
  20. Genoi

    Genoi New Member


    worst post ever

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