Non-Negative Results Being sent out to Lab . HELP!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by voh88, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Good morning everyone, I took at UA yesterday at a hospital i am trying to get a job at and the results came back Non-Negative, They are going to send the sample out to a lab for additional testing.

    Background: I smoked a week and 2 days ago however i took about 2 pulls from a blunt and before then i had not smoked for about a week and a half. I have been taking naican on a daily basis about (2g) for about 2 weeks however had not taken anything about a day before my test just so my levels would not be elevated. On the day of the test i had taken the URINELUCK Quick Flush Pills which have worked in the past. along with drinking about 3.5-4 16 oz bottles of water within a two hour span leading up to my test.
    ( two bottles were required for the administration of the pills. ) I took my test which my urine was light yellow from the pills and it came back non-negative and now i am waiting on the results from the confirmation test.

    Physical Bio : i am 6 ft about a 160 pounds and smoke 3- 5 x week However it is usually a small bowl pack dime- to at much a gram but that is pushing it a day.

    Questions: What do you think could have caused the non-negative a positive result? integrity? or to dilution?

    Has anyone else ever used/heard about the Quick Flush pills from Spectrum lab?

    Do you think i will be ok ?

    I am bugging out, i need this job bad and i have already to my parents i have gotten it.

    Any and All advice will be appreciated.
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    well just to let you know... i passed .. and thanks for all your advice... mods you can delete this thread and my username ... the members of this forum are so unhelpful i do not wish to be a part of it.. i understand that the answer i was looking for could have not came from anything or anyone only time.. however it dosent hurt to post a reply i am sure there was someone who had foreknowledge of Urine Luck brand products, who viewed my thread and yet did not post...just as one example..

    thanks for nothing
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    a 131 views and not one reply... shame on you

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