noob question again: brown vs. green

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ninjaninja, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member

    iAlright remember in the other thread I said I'm a noobie and this was the first time I had bought.

    The mixture in the bag was brown and green. There were some green buds in there, but also some brown... stuff. And some stems which I threw away.

    I had always read that green was more potent than brown, so being a noob, I decided I would start with the brown (like how you drink cheap vodka in college and then when you're making money you appreciate Grey Goose).

    Alright, so the first few times I smoked, I smoked the brown stuff and got a good buzz. Music was sounding awesome, I was feeling good, etc. Each time I smoked, I probably took a total of 4-6 hits from my one hitter and this was over the course of 3 hours.

    I ran out of brown stuff and didn't smoke the next day. The following day I put a chunk of the green stuff into my one hitter and took only one big drag. About 20 minutes later I was feeling super horny (this is strange as weed has never made me feel horny at all before). A little bit later I started to get super anxious so I watched TV but that didn't help, listened to some calming music, but that didn't help, so eventually I grabbed a drink and just tried to relax until it wore off. I felt weird for the rest of the night, but the next morning I felt fine.

    The next time I tried the green stuff, the same thing happened. One big puff and I'm super fucking high, except it doesn't feel like a weed high. With all the weed I've smoked I've wanted to relax and play video games or listen to music. But not with this green stuff. It makes me feel antsy like I have to do something. Sort of like I have low blood sugar when you get the shakes a little bit. I don't like it.

    Am I overreacting as a noob or something?

    I can possibly post pics but my cell phone camera is shitty.

    edit - also if it matters, I paid $60 for an 1/8. the dealer was recommended by my sister (my sis doesn't smoke but she has a lot of classes with the girl that sold to me). She said it's "good stuff" whatever that means. I don't know if "good stuff" means "high end sativa that will make you trip balls," or "i sprinkled some white powder on this for you."

    All I know is when I used to smoke with my old roommate, it was always awesome and mellow and good feeling. And the brown stuff in this bag made me feel that way, too. But the green stuff I got I didn't even really like.

    Ooh, I found a pic. It pretty much looks like this (green with the brown tread looking things) except mine doesn't have those crystals on it:
  2. Noobtastic

    Noobtastic New Member

    Thanks for the picture, I was thinking you had some trippy ass weed till I realized that you were just talking about the hairs (or pistils). The green stuff are buds and the pistils grow on them, the buds actually have thc inside their molecular structure while I guess the pistils probably just rubbed off on the buds since I believe they have no thc inside them. Its all good, you just have low tolerance, buy some mids or something.
  3. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member

    So it's normal for some strains of marijuana to give you crazy energy?

    I'm trying to learn about this stuff and not be a dumb noob whose like "zomg my pot is laced with something!"

    Like I said, I smoked with my old roommate for about a year, and his stuff was mostly nice looking green nuggets like that, but it never pepped me up, and I used to smoke a lot with him. That's why I was like "wtf is going on?!" with this stuff when I got a crazy energy buzz off of only one hit.
  4. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    It isn't limited completely to Sativa, but that "giddy-ap-go" high is pretty common.
    Strangely enough, the relaxing music might have been kind of un-helpful, too.
    Put on some upbeat stuff, close the curtains and dance like your ass is on fire. :)
    Seriously, I'm not kidding. If you tiene hormigas en su pantalones, it'll work. :laugh:
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  5. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member

    The other thing is the reason I smoke is because I have Chronic Tic Disorder. There are tons of reports and studies showing that cannabis helps relieve these symptoms (and those of Tourettes). However, when I smoked the stuff I mentioned in this thread, it made my symptoms noticeably worse... and it still hasn't completely returned to "normal."

    I'm kind of disenheartened here... there's really no effective or safe medication for treating this condition. I was kind of hoping marijuana would be helpful.

    edit - google searches have revealed a small minority of people who said marijuana made their symptoms worse as well, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. On one forum, someone suggested to someone with this same situation that they smoke indica instead of sativa.
  6. foolcoolguy

    foolcoolguy New Member

    dude if ur smoking brown weed at $60 for 1/8 u need to get a new hookup u should be able to get it for like $20
  7. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    You obviously didn't read the thread. He was confused and was referring to the brown(more orange actually) hairs.

    There's basically two different types of marijuana, Sativa and Indica. There's also Ruderalis, but for the sake of this argument we'll only stick to the main two.

    Indica marijuana will generally help you feel relaxed and calm. Sativa will make you more energetic, and sometimes that also makes you feel anxious. I'm guessing the strain you received was mostly a Sativa plant. Considering it was probably good bud, this also makes the effects stronger. Even though you only took one hit, you said yourself it was a big drag. I suggest next time, you take it even slower. Take a smallll hit, wait a little bit and take it from there.

    I find that after not smoking for a while, the first couple hits or so ALWAYS are the strongest, and they also make me feel more anxious. There's no easy way to tell if a plant is sativa or indica unless you know the strain, so all I can say is take it slow. Even Sativa's can be quite relaxing if you don't smoke that much. :)
  8. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member

    about 1/3 of the bag actually was brown (i hear there's a strong brown local strain up here... I've read about it on some other sites). The other 2/3s is green with big buds and the brown hairs, and this is the stuff that made me freak out.
  9. runamukk

    runamukk New Member

    sounds like the difference between dro and shwag. Dro being Hydroponic high end dro which at times can give you a mediciny brain type high which doesn't really feel that "natural" vs shwag which is just regular bud that gives you that mellow, giggly fun high I gre up with as a teenager. I actually prefer shwag over dro believe it or not. Just give me a fat blunt of some good ass shwag!!
  10. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member

    Yeah, I just read something about a guy controlling his Tourette's using indica type strains.

    I wonder if I'm at a predisposition to be fucked up by sativa. Let me tell you, it was not pleasurable at all to smoke. Maybe if I was charging into battle or something, but my tic was going absolutely crazy and I couldn't concentrate on anything because of it.

    Tics are related to an abnormality with dopamine (usage or production or reuptake or something... no one really knows for sure). It is thought that people with tic disorders either have too much dopamine, or their dopamine receptors are overly sensitive to it. Cocaine, for example, has been known to cause people to develop tics, and greatly amplifies them in people with tic disorders. Paradoxically, Parkinson's is the absence of dopamine (huge oversimplification). And almost every dopaminergenic drug in existence has horrible, movement related side effects that are often worse than the underlying condition.

    Anyway, now you know.

    So my question now would be, how do I identify indica strains?
  11. Noobtastic

    Noobtastic New Member

    Most people can't tell the difference between indica and sativa by just looking at the buds, some even say it's impossible, you just have to smoke it. Just look for another dealer if you want some indica, unless you're in India I bet there's a whole lot more indica than sativa floating around the market in your area. If in doubt just buy some mids, the fact that the pistils got you the high that you enjoy most means you have a tolerance low enough to really enjoy mids to their fullest. I miss the days when a bowl of mids would get me fucked up for hours...
  12. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    I know you said you only took ONE hit, but maybe take a really small hit, wait 20 minutes or so, and take another? Either that, or try to get some mids or weed that isnt as strong.

    It sounds like Indica would probably help your condition a lot more, but like stated, theres no real way to distinguish between the two by looks.

    Good luck man!
  13. ninjaninja

    ninjaninja New Member


    It's a few days later and my tic is still going nuts. I never want to smoke whatever that was again.
  14. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    brown is usually shitty, Mersh.
  15. That brown stuff sounds like Shake. Its some cheap and isnt potent. My friend bought a freezer bag full of shake for 20 dollars. If you smoke a good amount, you'll get stoned. As for the crazy shit, smoke a few times and you wont be so tense. Thats what I have to say. Everybody gets a different type of high.
  16. Monster

    Monster New Member

    Try finding a different dealer. The dealers ive met have all different kinds that give somewhat different highs.

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