North Carolina?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by DankTheTank, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    NC Tokers?

    Are there any North Carolina Tokers out there? :wave:
  2. Neilio

    Neilio New Member

    hey man, i live in NC. My friend told me that head shops are illegal here is that true? I just started smoking and wanted to get a glass peice.
  3. werner

    werner New Member

    no theyre deffinently not illegal. they are just hard to find, theres only like 3 or 4 i know of. you just need to know where to look.
  4. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    there not illegal where do you live in nc there is a very good one on franklin street in chapel hill.
  5. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    Sup Dank, do you live in Chapel Hill? I've been there for about 12 years but I'm also a student at App. State in Boone, NC, I alternate towns every couple of weeks. As for headshops, HazMat on Franklin St. is pretty good, as well as Expressions in Chapel Hill and the Boone Expressions is good too.

    Asheville is the dankest town in NC, 3 really phat headshops, and the streets they are on are the most hippy streets I've ever seen. Chapel Hill's HazMat and Expressions pale in comparison to Octopus Garden (2 floors!) and the other headshops in Asheville. Boone is decent too, and there are headshops in pretty much every city with 30,000+ people.
  6. werner

    werner New Member

    is central NC extremely dry or is it just me? i keep hearing about all these new drug busts or whatever. all i have to say is its really starting to suck
  7. Neilio

    Neilio New Member

    yeah man, thats where i live, just south of raligh, in a town called clayton and everyone here is dry, i havnt been able to smoke for like a week.
  8. 420drummer

    420drummer New Member

    is anybody here from north carolina? practically nobody smokes here in greensboro NC (i know its probably bad to give out my city but i trust potheads) (mod note- don't ask about hookups here)or even to talk to about prices and strains here

    let me know

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Well I dont live in North Carolina, but my parents have a house in Cornelius. I dont know if that is anywhere close to Greensboro though.
  10. imported_Ganjics

    imported_Ganjics New Member

    I have a friend that had to move to NC, not exactly sure though. If he lives in the same town I can talk to him for ya.
  11. 420drummer

    420drummer New Member

    yeah i dont really know for sure were cornelius is but im pretty sure its close

    thatd be great if you could find out ganjics or whatever your userthing is
  12. tokeifuchoke

    tokeifuchoke New Member

    :D Yo I stay in kinston NC and smoke alot of trees
  13. 420drummer

    420drummer New Member

    is that on the east side or the west side and how old are you..if your cool with saying
  14. gbf4ever

    gbf4ever New Member


    Im moving near Kinston this summer.
  15. B - Unit

    B - Unit New Member

    i live in charlotte north carolina, pretrty close to greensboro
  16. 420drummer

    420drummer New Member

  17. 420drummer

    420drummer New Member

    im in greensboro but my sister goes to appalachin. she always brings crazy stuff down. if you want pot in north carolina ap is definetly the place to go
  18. B - Unit

    B - Unit New Member

    hey i live in charlotte north carolina were pretty dry down here too... i heard UNCW has some good bud (wilmington) and i heard great things about appalcian or however u spell it.. as far as headshops goes theres one i think on independece called infinities end in charlotte its supposed to be pretty good, but ive never been before.
  19. joesmoke74

    joesmoke74 New Member

    Watch Out For Police (North Carolina)

    I just want to remind my fellow NC Tokers to be careful out there! I used to live In Washington DC, Maryland at the height of the The Great Crack Epidemic. My city was full of police pursuing crack dealers and crack heads, for the most part they actually gave little attention to marijuana users and
    dealers: In many cases they would let potheads and potdealers off with few
    and minor charges at the most. Not the case down here (North Carolina) for one I believe there are more cops down here than there ever was In MD and they also harass the hell out of potheads. I have seen friends and family jailed for selling and using pot, just like they were real bad guys (hard drug
    dealers). To sum it all up guys and gals be careful out there.
    1. Never smoke while driving
    2. Carry your stash In scent proof containers
    3. Don't trust everybody.
    4. Always drive the speed limit (no matter what)!
    5. Always keep your lights (car) in good working order

    I no I have ranted my ass off, still I just don't want anybody to go through what (Once Again Please Stay Safe)
    I, friends, and family have been through since living In NC
  20. Im from Greensboro too... Im tryin ta go to app next year... i cant wait... i know a shit load of people up there and they all say tha bud is dank and tha price is cheap

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