Northrop Grumman - What test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by purplesmoke, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    Anyone got any ideas what kind of drug testing these guys do? These guys are a defense contractor. I have to do a background check first, but no worries there (no felonies/misdemeanors). They went through Spherion to find me. Spherion, from the info that I picked up on cleartest, uses urine testing.

    Thanks for the help!!
  2. dfguy

    dfguy New Member

    I did work for them , All I had to do was pee in the cup, they checked the temp. not sure it was sent out or what. That was a couple of years ago. No one watched me pee
  3. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    Thanks, dfguy.

    That is what I expected.

    Now, I bought some Constant Cleanse capsules:

    Will this be alright to use? I suspect my pre-employ test will be about 2 weeks from now, although I'm not 100% positive. I should be done with the capsules by then. Now, i smoked just yesterday... before that it was about 2 weeks before, and I was a heavy-ass smoker for years.

    FWIW, I'm currently doing the Fat Flush plan (one month now) - which is a diet that helps to flush out fat pretty quickly, would this help as well? I have also been drinking a LOT of cran/lemon water daily since I started the diet (also for about a month). Basically, I've cut out all the nasty foods, and I'm eating pretty healthy.

    Thanks for the help! :wave:
  4. raaaaaaah

    raaaaaaah New Member

    a question 4 u purplesmoke.

    why dont u sub? it is a 100% effective, unlike anything else ... well besides abstaining of course...
  5. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    Actually, I'm looking in to it now. After reading a few posts, I've found out that I've been basically ripped off with those "detox" capsules.
  6. kingsblend420

    kingsblend420 New Member

    Yes my brother! Sing the praises! OH JAH!
  7. SmokeytheBeav.

    SmokeytheBeav. New Member

    Dillution works, but you do have to abstain. IMO, don't smoke until you have gotten the job. Practice using N2 and S2's method. I've been there (a couple of weeks ago) this works! Good Luck!
  8. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    I'm looking at N2's method right now.
    My confidence is growing every minute.

    Thanks guys, you freakin' rock! :guitar:
  9. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    So I talked with the wifey... she says she feels "uncomfortable" about donating her urine for my cause. Talk about "support" from your spouse. :sad:
  10. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    So use QF or find another donor, but respect the feelings of your wife. I never really thought of it, but I don't think my wife would feel comfortable doing it either. I will ask her later.

    She said I am aware of the consequences(sp) of smoking pot and I make the decision to do it, then I can get out of it myself. (I thought so)
  11. purplesmoke

    purplesmoke New Member

    I talked it over with her a bit, and she decided to help me out. :D

    Anywhoo.. I went to walgreens today. They had a pretty crappy selection of travel size shampoo bottles. I took a look at the size, and it is 1.7 FL OZ!! (50 ml). Is this enough? NONE of the travel size bottles were more than 1.7.

    I looked around for a digital thermometer. $20+ for them, so since I'm a cheapo, i decided with the forhead strips. Can I just dip these in the water while I'm practicing? Can they be reused?

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