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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Jemma, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    finding weed in a pair of pants would be awsome..Kinda like finding a 20$ bill..But you can smoke it..LOL
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  2. WheezyLiam

    WheezyLiam New Member

    How reasonable are your parents? Honestly think about it... Do you think they would freak out more over you smoking a plant and not being harmed or witnessing one of your cousins nearly get beat to death by a family member? Something seriously needs to be done about your uncle, because that sounds like borderline abuse my man...
    What I really hate is when people create forums asking about Shrooms or LSD... I mean, seriously. This site is called "" for a reason!:doh:
  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    I love when this happens! I had a day where nothing was around and I found 2g sitting in a bag, in the back of a drawer, it was probably there for over a year. That was definitely a great day :D
  4. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    So many negative people and events in my life lately. A bowl of trainwreck and some beer pong should help with that ;)

    Have a good night all, I know I will.
  5. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    I had a quarter of one my med brownies last night and it was an adventure lol.
  6. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    woke up this morning determined to stay sober, and i succeeded for the first two hours, then, i got hungry and started to think if i get high the hunger will be even better! well still high and getting ready for another tokin.
  7. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    I want to win the Lotto..I really do..I even have a plan for spending money based on winnings...LOL
  8. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    I hear ya on that man. I've heard that your can either get all your money in one lump sum of it, or the lotto company can pay you a certain amount of your lifetime. But if you choose the lotto company regulating how much you get a year/month, when you die the rest doesn't get passed down, they keep it. So I'd take it all at once and just hire a financial adviser.

    Like if I hit a powerball I'd be set for life. I'd get a financial adviser and tell them I want 200K a year. That would last me the rest of my fuckin life.
  9. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member


    quote from last night lol we were so blazed, thats the only thing i remember
  10. TP4BungHole

    TP4BungHole New Member

    My friend who hasn't smoked in two months because his girlfriend doesn't want him to came to me begging me to smoke him up lol. I was out of weed and we were both broke so he came up with the idea to smoke the resin in my bowl. I put my bowl up to the light and looked inside. There was so much resin around the edges that all we had to do was suck fire into the bowl to burn it. We both got so high by the time we smoked it clean. Had a good day today. :)
  11. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    Trying to think of a way to ask this girl to prom..
  12. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Hey will you go to prom with me!!!
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  13. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    Nah dude, doesn't work these days. Girls want romance and extravagance...or else all girls frown upon you. Asking a girl to prom in a boring fashion is almost like a slap in the face to most girls. Creativity is a must here. But don't worry. I just got my idea :D
  14. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    b.itch we're going to the prom :D

    im not asking anyone because you spend all that time and there ends up being one slow song haha

    also b.itches be crazy
  15. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    Man don't underestimate that question. If a girl likes you enough that's all you gotta ask and she'll be stoked as heck to go with you. I went to my junior and senior prom each year with a gorgeous girl that said yes just because I asked them.

    One kid in my class at the school theater asked a girl in front of the whole school and he gave her a rose. She went with him, but later I heard her giggling about how embarrassed she was at the time. So dude if worse comes to worse go balls out and embarass her alittle in front of the whole school. She says no, then your assured that most likely the next girl you ask will say yes. haha! Let us know how it went man.:gleaf:
  16. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Flowers, dinner....Will you got to prom with me..
  17. BipolarBunny

    BipolarBunny New Member

    I just shared weed with my roommate and when he said, "thank you!" I replied:

    "I feel it's my contribution to society." Fucking stoner!
  18. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Just be like "me, you and prom...hoe."
  19. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    LMAO to fuking funny, I've been cracking up about that line for the past 3 hours from dinner to toking. Thank you dude
  20. Kranter

    Kranter Above the Ignorance

    Just made a waterbottle/foil pipe. Not good, i know, but im using it in a jiff. Got some shit (spice) called Down to Earth. holy crap its good. 2 hits makes me super hella blazed.

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