Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Mounty_Ninja, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    what the hell is a nug i keep hearin people say it but i dunno what it means. im good on most other words its just this one i got trouble with.
  2. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member


    A chunk of weed, sometimes big, somtimes small, and somtimes juuuuuuuust right.


    Post Your Buds and Pipe Pix

    Check out that thread and you can see some pictures of nugs.
  3. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    thanks man my vocab problem is over i hope this message is NOT marked as a turbo post
  4. slothy

    slothy New Member

    yeah, nug refers to a "bud" or a chunk of weed... or some people refer to "nugs" as a quality of weed.. usualy imbetween mids and kb.
  5. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    Uhhh, maybe you just got a lot to say???

    By the way, I found a thread in this forum with the exact same name, except with a captial 'N'.
  6. Mounty_Ninja

    Mounty_Ninja New Member

    i have been on the long threads talking constantly with my buddies man. we r havin lots of long pointless conversations.
  7. Barker

    Barker Cunt.

    Not to be a bĂ­tch or anything but there is a search button.
  8. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse New Member

    Not trying to rain on your parade or anything, but:
    1} This is not a 'chat room' so to speak...
    2} The more threads you put "I hope this isn't a turo post/thingy, the more it looks as if you are turbo posting. Calm down, man.
    3} It'll be alright, just don't post pointless stuff (and I am not saying you have)
    4} Stay high...
  9. smokedabud

    smokedabud New Member

    heres how it goes. theres ur basic dark green schwag. it can get u pretty high. then theres nug. its light green and it will knock u on ur ass most of the time. hope tht helps
  10. Nug

    Nug New Member

    I am so offended.

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