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    I am so confused when trying to decide what nutes to get, there are so many different kinds its overwhelming. Anyways i need to know what exactly do i need for nutes for my small DWC grow??? I have some tomato food which i was told that hemp and tomato's pretty much need the same things to survive. Anyways, does anyone know a simple way of what nutes to use? Most of the nutes i got now make it damn near impossible to understand how much to use. This will be my 3rd attempt at DWC and i am tired of my plants dieing. My last DWC started growing really nice but the plant turned yellow and literally crushed the leaves like a potato chip. I need a simple child like way to understand the nutrients issues.

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    Go to ur local hydro shop an get a complete npk fertilizer for veg period and 1 for flower period. Coz N (nitrogen) is needed less in flower period, ur plant also needs micro nutrients, ask about them at the hydro shop. Wot u can do straight away is mix half tspn of Epson salts
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    Sorry. With 1 litre water to give it magnesium and sulphur

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