NY: How often do you smoke Pot?

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    New York couple's extraordinary, 65-question survey that grills prospective nannies
    When you advertise for a nanny offering a princely $15-an-hour, most parents aren't expecting Mary Poppins to waft through the door.​
    However one New York couple are setting the bar high after posting a Craigslist ad this week accompanied by 65 highly personal and detailed questions for the future caretaker of their children.​
    The nanny ad was posted online on January 5 by a couple who live with their two sons in the Sunnyside area of Queens, New York. The couple demand full disclosure with an online Spanish Inquisition that covers everything from marijuana smoking to the use of hand sanitizer.​
    The ad opens: 'Grab your umbrella! You are a magical Mary Poppins, a wizard, or a giant spiky Triceratops.​
    'You love to play, pretend, create, teach, and nurture. You are reliable, warm, and fun, but also know how to say "no" when necessary.'​
    The job description requires the nanny to take care of two boys, aged two and five, two days a week, between the hours of 11.30am and 5.30pm.​
    Tasks include picking up the two children from school, preparing lunch, setting nap times, organizing games, activities and reading.​
    The nanny may also be asked by the parents to work on an occasional 'date night', according to the Craigslist post.​
    So far, so normal - but the slightly off-beat introduction gives no indication of the grilling to come. The opening question of the survey asks: 'Are you an American citizen?' followed up by: 'If your family is from outside America, do you see yourself becoming homesick and needing to return to them?From there, the questions take an even more personal turn. 'Will you be able to provide a letter from your primary care doctor stating that you are in good health and able to perform the rigorous job of caring for two small children?' the couple ask. They add: 'Will you provide a letter from your doctor listing all your current prescription drugs?' This segues into an inquiry over drug use that a narc squad officer would be proud of.​
    Question 25 reads: 'How often do you smoke weed?'
    The interrogation doesn't end there - the follow-up question asking: 'If you ever smoke weed, how many smokes do you typically have on a social occasion?'​
    The topic then branches out to ask potential nannies how often they use all recreational drugs (with the helpful description of 'all drugs you can't buy at the supermarket').​
    A check-box list is then included which runs the gauntlet of legal and illegal substances from Percocet and cough med to meth and heroin.​
    The future employers also want to know if the prospective nanny has ever smoked cigarettes and whether he or she is prone to a hangover. Hedonistic habits aside, personal hygiene is also a grave concern of this couple.​
    The employee is asked a rigorous set of questions about how often they shower, when they wash their hands, their length of fingernails and whether they use perfume.​
    And for $15 an hour, the couple inquires as to their prospective Mary Poppins' high school and college GPAs and whether they have an advanced degree.​
    The parents finally state that the nanny is banned from using 'Facebook or blogging' anything about the family - in their public Craigslist ad.​

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