OFFICAL HIGH TIMES 25th Annual Cannabis Cup Results

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    Only two days have passed since Thanksgiving Day! And the folks over at High Times have already rolled out the official results from the 25th annual Amsterdam cannabis cup. After a rigorous 5 full days of puff, puff, passing the best weed samples the world has to offer, pot proficient judges which have gathered from around the globe, have made their choice. No doubt a sight to see, the highest quality weed genetics, the best pot and the most mind blowing hashish was on center stage for all to observe at Amsterdam's 25th annual H.T. Cannabis Cup competition.

    The general rule of thumb with any high quality marijuana competition is the subtext of these awards ceremonies, in addition to the obvious. The high times cannabis cup makes it a special point to pay homage to those hard-working gardeners, who tirelessly cultivate the positive issues within the ongoing ‘social experiment’ of a more peaceful world through cannabis consumption.

    Here they are -- hot off the press.
    The Official results from Amsterdam's 25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup:

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