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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by helpneeded007, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. helpneeded007

    helpneeded007 New Member

    Does anyone know how good omni clean and if it works? Any personal experiences?
  2. SkatingStoned13

    SkatingStoned13 New Member

    it depends on your body, i know FIRST HAND friends who have used the OMNI system and i've witnessed what they bought, and they passed a pre employment test-testing for validity.
    BUT heres the catch, you will either pass, or dilute depending on the test.
    Heres what you need to pass:
    -precleanse pills containing creatine monohydrate
    -OMNI cleansing drink- dark red plenty of vitamins and tastes horrible
    -eat proteins-peanuts/peanut butter- clouds up the clear yellow urine look
    -salt/salty foods to bring the samples pH levels to normal

    follow directions of taking pills the evening before-with 8 ounces of water, so creatine may be metabolized, drink 16 ounces of water that night, wake up and drink your OMNI and eat your peanut butter, take your test 2-4 hours later after drinking water fluently, make sure you are making yellow color, and if it is neon yellow, that calls for more water.

    OR save money with the dilution sticky
    OR subbing
  3. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Ok, Skatingstoned, here I go again. Here is another one of your posts that isn't very accurate. First to helpneeded, if you do a search for omni cleanse on this site you will see some people who have passed and some that have failed using Omni products. I don't like them or trust them. I would rather trust substitution or dilution. Back to skatingstoned and his advice.

    Failing is also an option so passing, failing, or getting a negative dilute pretty much covers everything. It also depends on more than just your body.
    I hope everyone knows by now that there is no guaranted method to pass except for not doing drugs ever or for a very long time or a successful substitution.
    What the fuck, clouding up urine, salt for pH? Your body does not take in proteins or peanuts or peanut butter by mouth and then deposit it back in your urine to make it cloudy. That is just crazy talk. First do you really think things go through your body through your stomach and small intestine into your bloodstream, through your body, into your kidneys, into your bladder, then out your body in a way that it is unchanged to the point that it can cloud your urine? No, that is not how our bodies work. Also, you shouldn't have protein in your urine if you are healthy. Second, it doesn't matter whether your urine is cloudy, yellow, clear, or colorless. What matters is the actual validity testing results and visual is not one of them. Also, this is not the first time I have had to correct you on this one, salt is not used to raise the pH of your urine and pH does not test for dilution. Specific gravity and creatinine clearance are used to test for dilution.Specific gravity and creatinine clearance are used to test for dilution. Specific gravity and creatinine clearance are used to test for dilution.
    Taking creatine the night before will be ineffective. It takes most people 48 hours to metabolize creatine into creatinine and for it to be effective in raising creatinine clearance. Taking creatine the night before the test isn't the best way to take creatine. If you are going to use the inaccurate methods posted by skatingstoned then do whatever but if you are trying to dilute and you are judging your dilution by color of the urine, then you should switch to measuring your fluid intake.
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Just where in the hell are you getting your information from??? It is all a little bit right peppered with a whole lotta BS.
  5. SkatingStoned13

    SkatingStoned13 New Member

    i dont trust the cleansing drinks either but it depends on the test i guess, cause i know people who have passed with it and others who have failed.
    i have used some detox drinks that worked for me-not a dilute sample.
    and i get validity tests, thats why i said it depends on your body, i know people who have done the measures i gave and still didnt pass validity, so thats my bad with saying "this is what you will need to pass"
    i just think that is the best way to be 80% sure or more, without the creatine pills-preclense, the likelyhood of passing the validity is very low.
    and idk the protein trick works with me, i eat plenty of protein rich foods for 24 hours up to the test, more a few hours before and it didnt look like a watery yellow. it could be something else, maybe just the foods im eating or something i am unaware of which is making it a "cloudy" color. any ideas?
    for some reason they deny my urine if it is too watery, but thats just the way probation goes, one week left and im off, no more bud, not till after i am confirmed to get off and it is official.
  6. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    That's your problem. Just because something works for you or your "friends", doesn't mean you should suggest it to others. You aren't even certain of the effects of the ingredients you describe, scientifically. "IDK, it works for me" is proof in itself that you don't even know what your're saying. I'm glad that you passed using whatever methods you used, but that don't give you the right to act like you know what you're talkin about. Stick to facts, not guesses, and if you don't know, then don't post.
  7. midnight74

    midnight74 New Member

    Omni worked for me

    I just tried Omni extra strength (orange one) just gave me a negative in-house test (Pharmacare) - faint line but it was there. I waited 2 hours before doing the in-house test. This is after 4 days of last Mary J visit. Please let me recommend dilute with water or gatorade (instructions on stickies), if you can't afford the cleansers. Sec3 helped me realize you need to be hydrated the day of test. Again, dilution is not 100% so what worked for me may not work on you. I suggest, if time permits, buy some in-house test kits and test yourself while you using a dilution method until you get a negative. That will take a load off your mind. I did a cleanser dilution on day 1, and 2 got positive results. Skipped day 3 of dilution per Sec3 suggestion i.e. I drank some water. Day four did the Omni with 2 16 ounce of bottle water within 2 hours and tested. I was looking for a negative result and finally got one.

    I will do the water or gatoraide tomorrow and see if I get a line as well, and get a darker. Faint lines scare me. Although the test kit states a dark or faint line indicates negative. I hope this helps!
  8. Boweed420

    Boweed420 New Member

    i bought OMNI LEANSING LIQUID. followed directions perfectly. AND FAILED. I didnt smoke for more than 48 hours prior. I didnt eat for 12 hrs before. I drank precisly 48 oz water with. I waited 2 hours. I pissed 2 full pisses before i gave the test sample. This product is total shit.
  9. Boweed420

    Boweed420 New Member

    Oh forgot...I FAILED with the omni shit because of dilution. too much water they said. FUCK THIS FUCKIN PRODUCT
  10. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Testing the day of the test is a huge contributor to success in these instances. I just can't say it enough--please test at home to find out where you stand to begin with, then test the day of the test if engaging in dilution/cleansing. Test on your third or fourth void of the day.

    Thanks to the old stand-bys for your insight and info.


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