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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by StinkyNStinky, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. StinkyNStinky

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    All I can say is that this is the best $45 I have ever spent!
    I've had a few rough years with my employment due to economic conditions. I am a former marketing manager and smoked regularly for years (i'm 38). When I'm not doing the corporate "thing", I work as a bartender in a local bar. Smoking is just somthing I've done since I was 13.

    I got a call for an opportunity to work a contracting job in a large company. I took the job and celebrated the only way I know how. A case of Heinekin and a 1/4 ounce. The next morning, the contractor company calls me and tells me that I have to go for a drug test. I almost shit my pants! I figured that I just blew an golden opportunity!! FUCK!!

    Well...they wanted me to go that afternoon and I told them that I couldn't. I had to work my part time job. They said then go tomorrow. I said I couldn't. I have to work my part time job. I was able to push off my piss test for 4 days. In that time, I was able to get 2 at home tests and 2 bottles of Omni Clensing Liquid.

    First, I did a straight run. Take the piss test with a mid stream pee and no fluids. I failed miserably. The nest day, I drank the Omni and 2 hours later, took the 2nd at home test. I fucking passed!!!

    The next day, I went for my test. I drank the Omni 2 hours before. I dressed like a 38 year old and not a kid, thus giving the impression that I am respectable. I never received a call from the lab and I started working. That was over 2 months ago. I have been smoke free now for over 2 months as I am interviewing for this golden opportunity as a permanent position, and I believe that they will piss test me as part of the process.

    Bottom line....Omni Clensing Liquid works.
  2. travestyweb

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    im drinking one right now

    im soon to bne taklign the piss test and i am drinking a fruit punch tripple strength omni cleansing liquid. i feel for sure like it will work. hopefully you are right man.
  3. Buzzby

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    All of these products work by dilution. They do not convert THC metabolites into something that can't be detected, as they'd like you to believe. They do not remove THC metabolites from your body. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do that. You can duplicate the actions of these products for a fraction of the price by following the guidelines in these links:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Because they work by dilution, detox drinks can fail if the concentration of THC metabolites is too high. Drinking a lot of fluids makes you pee a lot, reducing the concentration of THC metabolites in your blood. They'll be restored from that stored in fatty tissue but eventually they'll all leach out if you don't smoke. Drinking a reasonable amount of fluids shortly before your test will dilute your urine, lowering the concentration of THC metabolites. If you dilute too much it will spoil the test and you'll be retested or failed. The aspects of dilution techniques other than drinking fluids are to make dilute urine appear to be less dilute. At high concentrations of THC metabolites it is not possible to dilute enough without diluting too much.

    The aspirin in the dilution + aspirin technique will mask THC metabolites on an EMIT test if the concentration is not too high.
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  4. Wotan420

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    QTabs dry run...

    I am not going to my test until next week. I haven't smoked in 7 days time. I will/was going to be using the dilution method posted on the boards. I have a friend that has used this product called QTabs from Vitamin Shoppe with good results in the past taking drug tests for ASAP here in Virginia. I started taking some Creatine today and have B complex, aspirin, am about all set to go.

    Right now I am trying these tabs to see if anything happens, going to be giving myself a home drug test in a couple of hours. I don't put much faith in these products but figured trying it can't hurt. I'll post my results later if anyone is curious. About two days after last smoking I drank an assload of water for about two hours. Took my first home test not long after that and failed, no big deal I didn't expect to pass it right away. I am about 5'10" and probably about 200-210 lbs with a slow metabolism. And I've been a heavy smoker for a number of years. Quit in August for two months, started back up smoking a quarter of primo shit over two weeks in October. Stopped for two weeks, smoked another two weeks, been clean since. So normally I'd think it would take a long time to get out of my system.

    Hard to find directions for these things as the box simply doesn't come with any. But am doing the following. Take four tablets with 12 oz of water... wait about 20 minutes. Take 3 tabs with 12 oz of water.... wait another 20 minutes, then take the last 3 tabs with 12 oz of water and will wait probably close to two hours before testing myself. I'm also including a few 325 mg of aspirin, took two already, probably go up to four tonight just to see if I have any problems with aspirin.

    I have never taken aspirin my whole life until a few days ago, so I was pretty apprehensive about that aspect of the method. Have just been taking 1 a day to make sure I wouldn't have any problems with it. Had a grandmother that was allergic to aspirin, and I'm allergic to a number of strange things, so I've always used Tylenol or ibuprofen. So far so good haven't felt any different, no side effects so am taking a few more tonight with my test for my dry run.

    I will come back in a few hours and post the result of my home test. Didn't want to create a new thread for this, figured if anyone was curious about the product mentioned above they might want some results from another product. Like a lot of others here I've been offered a helluva job when I wasn't expecting it and failing isn't an option right now.
  5. hakenasse

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    Post your results man! I have a drug test with Reigion 10 here in Virginia next week, and I'm gonna try every dilution method possible to pass.:wave:
  6. Wotan420

    Wotan420 New Member

    Okay, well, did as I said, voided four times over the past two hours tested the fifth, took the 4, than 3, than 3, included two b complex vitamins, four aspirins total. After drinking the 36 oz of water I continued to drink probably another 24-36 oz of fluids, mainly tea. Finished the tabs and a little over 90-100 minutes later I passed the home test. I say passed but the line was so faint you could barely make it out. but there is definitely somewhat of a line there.

    This definitely makes me feel better about the whole thing. I don't know if I would of gotten the same results doing the straight dilute method, maybe so. I wish the line would of been a little more distinct but I'll take it. Wish me luck come monday. For $15 or whatever the product was I'd say it was pretty good. I think I spent over $15 on the B vitamins and aspirin together.

    Questions... how does it effect you if you've eaten recently, say an hour or two before starting to drink the fluids. Does it just slow down the process? I had eaten dinner around 8:30 so I am not completely on an empty stomach. Also I didn't notice very yellow urine even after taking two b complex (50mg of b2 each) and the tabs which also have riboflavin in them. It wasn't perfectly clear but wasn't what I'd call yellow either. Anything else to help with coloring, such as a vitamin with iron in it for example? Also these home tests, does aspirin effect those as well? Doesn't say anywhere in the documentation about it being EMIT. I only took four over the past couple of hours if that is even enough to mess with the outcome. Also I think I read somewhere that if you have an enormous amount of B (forget which one) in your system your body will get rid of that first and hence not the toxins while its getting rid of all the B? Sounds like BS but almost kind of makes sense. Anyways hope this info helps.

    For the record, started taking the tabs at 10:30 pm, took more at 10:50, took the rest around 11:10-11:15. Continued drinking and took a second b complex after and sat here watching a movie until 1 AM when I went and did the test. It says effective after an hour and effective up to 5 hours so I didn't want to do it right after the hour was up. If I had more tests I'd test myself again in another few hours but I am out for now. I plan on using this same method come test day whenever I elect to do that. Probably add more aspirin, possibly the tums/rolaids just in case, and will be staying on the creatine supplement until then atleast. I will also get another home test and will pass that before I leave to go to test.
  7. sliprammkorn

    sliprammkorn New Member

    i passed!!

    ok i passed my test i took on monday and i had smoked on thrusday.
    i took stat flush emergency 1 hour 5 capsule bottle on sunday night. and i took the omni 32 oz. cleansing liquid monday morning before i went in. its wensday and i got my freakin job!, and btw. these products do not work by dilution. they work by cleansing the tissues and cells in ur body with lots of vitamins(look at the label!!) it flushes everything out it can, but sum is left as trace amounts which seep back into ur major body sysems in around 5 hours. so these products work!
  8. 1tokeovertheline

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    Congrats on passing.:D I don't agree with the rest that you said, but that's OK. You passed and that's what counts.;)
  9. Secs

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    I got oceanfront property in Wyoming that I want to sell you. If that doesn't interest you, how about a large gold colored bridge in San Franscisco?
  10. lew scannon

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    Isn't that the bridge where a person could stand on the crest and watch pigs that can fly? ;)
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  11. stoner28

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    Im glad u passed but ur info is not right, the thc is in your fat cells so unless they are magic and can flush fat cells it is working on dilution and they have high carb count so you wont burn the fat . If they do flush fat cells im sure there are plenty of overweight people would be guzzling it by the gallon.
  12. fourtwentydoc

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    Im trying the qtabs, forshizzle:chillpill:
  13. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    Look at the label??? A label whose claims are not evaluated by the FDA? Consider a statement from Tommy Callahan (that's right, Tommy Boy.):
    I love how people think some glorified vitamin water can somehow bypass human biological processes and anatomy. Trust intelligent research, not false advertising.
  14. GloryGi

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    I am taking a drug test this morning, and have just finished drinking Omni Cleansing potion! I am so anxious....I have had only 3 tokes in two weeks, I wasn't a really heavy smoker, and I am so anxious! I drink gallons of good water daily, and I just have to KNOW I will pass this test. Reading your post really gave me confidence in the Omni, and they (the Shop) and alot of other posts say it works.......Please help me to believe!!! Thank you!!
  15. Webdox

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    This post you replied to is over 2 years old. If you had done some reading you'd see that you just spent a lot of money on something you could have done for cheap and you might still fail due to creatinine and specific gravity checks. It is not enough to just dilute any more, you have to put extra creatine into your body days in advace to pass the creatinine check. Magic drinks, powers, pills don't do that for you. Asking for advice the day of the test is too late.
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  16. GloryGi

    GloryGi New Member

    I am new to this site, and just googled for the Omni Cleanse, and this is one of the ones that came up. At the very least, it gave me confidence. I have not smoked in over two weeks and I am 5'8 and weigh about 145. Are you saying Omni Cleanse, or any other detox doesn't work? I have hope that it did it's job. Thank you for the reply.
  17. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Read Buzzby's reply in post #3 ...
  18. GloryGi

    GloryGi New Member

    Thanx--I took the test, and now all I can do is wait.....errrrr. I appreciate your input. Believe me, I don't want to go through this stress again. I've really learned alot from this place!!
  19. hikittykatt

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    okay so I bought the Omni cleanse drink but do I have to pee multiple times after I drink it and before the test, or do I just drink it, wait an hour or two and than pee for the test and it should be fine?
  20. loon1970

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    Does omni work on any drug u use

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