On average, how much do seeds weigh

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Xtensity, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Xtensity

    Xtensity New Member

    I just got some stuff from my neighbor, which if anything like the stuff I smoked yesterday with him, it must be good. 1 hit of the stuff out of a bowl got you fucked up.

    but if this is like the good shit I smoked last night why does it have 2-3 seeds in it (3 grams of weed)

    I figured it was a good deal, the shit looked good, smelled good, and we weighed it on his scale. Was $30 for 3 grams.

    How much do seeds weigh on average, and do 1-3 seeds really take much out of the weight.

    I'm asking because I don't have a scale and I weighed the bag at his house and it was 3 grams. I don't want to go back to his house to try to weigh some seeds lol.
  2. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    seeds come with the territory, no one in their right mind is going to compensate you for a few fuckin seeds. I'm not saying that you are trying to get some more weed cos of the seeds, but that's what I'm getting from your post, so I'm sorry if I'm interpreting it in the wrong way. But if I'm interpreting it correctly...don't be such a cheap ass!
    I got sweet weed the other week and it had two seeds. Supposedly it just means it's a FEmale plant.
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  3. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

    Hey dude/dudette, welcome to the boards...

    2-3 seeds in in 3 grams isn't going to make a large difference in weight, I've had ounces that have many, many seeds in them... though it was my friend's homegrown shit and was completely free.

    It seems that seeds are generally frowned upon because they have pretty much zero THC content and therefore no smoking value (don't try or they'll pop and bad things can happen :rolleyes:)... although seeds are nice if you're considering growing; they need to be female seeds I believe. Or perhaps these seeds you have are only males (as locket said)... I'm not too sure.

    If you don't like seeds, I'd suggest finding a new dealer or hope that your neighbor gets his hands on a new stash of seedless weed.

  4. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Three seeds probably won't even register on most scales. Three decent sized seeds might weigh .1

    Edit. I had to find seeds to weigh up. The three seeds didn't even register on my digi.
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  5. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Seeds weigh next to nothing, and unless there are tons of them, do not fret over seeds, especially in 3 grams of some dank weed.

    Consider yourself lucky. My town is going through a hell of a dry spout for good green. Any green you get around here right now you could grow a damn forest with.
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  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Yeah. :rolleyes: Just like if you're a man you can have babies...

    Male plants don't produce seeds. Male plants produce pollen.
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  7. MJ27

    MJ27 New Member

    Thats nothing 3 seeds lol
    I bought bout ten grams of regs and got over 30 seeds
    but all in all they probly weigh like .05g or less imho or probley less than that
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  8. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Seeds of your typical cannabis plant have a mass of 0.025 g or 25 mg/seed. Many blazers who have come to expect good quality bud operate under the MIS-conception that seeded cannabis won't get you as high as say a bag of cann without seeds (sinsemilla). Certainly, once the female plant gets pollinated she decreases her D-9-THC production to instead use the energy for flowering and reproduction (making more babies) instead of making more THC. But if you have a decent bud strain that avgs. 7 to 10% THC, then the fact that there are seeds won't really matter much. I have some seedlings now that I have germinated from seed of a good sac. Most professional growers tend to have "Feminized Seeds"--which means the seeds have
  9. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Well alrighty then Mr. Botany.
  10. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    I just weighed out 3 decently sized seeds and they didn't register on my scale. Meaning they're less than .1g.
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  11. locket

    locket Oodalolly

    my mistake.
  12. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    I weighed 30 seeds and it was less than .3 of a gram.. so no, they don't weigh much at all. Same with stems.. it takes a lot of stems/seeds to register on the scale.

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