One joint in the system?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Grimlyn, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Grimlyn

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    Hi, I'm posting because I have a PO meeting coming up Monday December 14th. On December 6th I got little drunk and puffed about 6-7 hits off a joint. So it'll be 8 days clean. Also before that weekend I had last smoked 11 months prior. I'm 6'1" and about 175lbs. I've searched far and wide all over the internet for good advice and get conflicting results.

    Tons of morons say for any amount it's 30-90 days. What I've read from seemingly more intelligent people is that it will be in the system, for one joint, 1-7 days and others say 2 weeks. I also know that the tests are at 50ng.

    So my questions are how long is one joint in the system? How high of a nanogram rating is one joint of mid grade weed? And do you think I'll pass?

    I cannot at this moment afford to buy an at home testing kit either. Any great advice is appreciated.
  2. Buzzby

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    Your system was clean before you smoked the joint, so you should be clean enough to pass a UA in five days from the time you smoked.
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  3. hector

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    it also depends on the amount of pot in the joint and the quality of said pot. but from what you said you shoulden't have anything to worry about just drink a lot of water before you go it will dilute.
  4. Grimlyn

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    Thanks a lot for the responses. I did some more research after posting this also using every keyword search I could think of. Most told me that average times were anywhere from 3-7 days. Most agreed at the 6 day mark. I also found a very good study. And btw what I smoked was maybe some decent grade mids.

    Here's a list of the sites I found for others who may be asking the same question. I also finally found my answer to the Nanogram question.

    How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System ?

    Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault : Drug Testing

    Pass A Drug Test With Confidence. Know how long the drugs can be detected?

    WikiAnswers - How long does marijuana stay in your system

    And here are the two best that I found for both Urine and Blood studies done under controlled conditions. Also contains the numbers for amount smoked in high potency and low potency joints along with nanogram rates from both.

    Blood Testing - Marijuana Research: Dose and Asorption

    Urine Testing - STERLING Reference Laboratories

    Again thanks for the responses. All I'd get on or those other sites are a lot of uninformed people and scared straight know-it-alls who just are gonna tell me "30 days" to the ever ridiculous "90 days", or "Its classified as a drug for a reason, so you shouldn't be doing it anyway." Always nice to find a site with people who actually give a crap and are tired of sending out false information.
  5. 024

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    Take into account that the drug test used could be a professional lab one and not the tab you buy off the net. SO it is possible there could be traces of THC in your urine after a week. Drink alot of fluids.

    heres a tip; start pissing in the toilet and then fill up the cup than finish in toilet, do not have the start and finish of the stream in the cup.

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