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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Itzamna, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Itzamna

    Itzamna New Member

    Have ne of you personally gone and hooked up with someone with these websites like eharmony?
    How about one like booty call or hornymatches!
    they all look like fakes just trying to get money, youd never be able to find a real girl that looks like those pics on there.
    wasnt there a potheadsingles at one point in time?:cool:
  2. SixShottaJ

    SixShottaJ Sr. Member

    I haven't personally, but I have attended a friend's friend wedding where he met a girl off E-Harmony and they are actually happily married now... For the past 3-4 years
  3. InkChic78

    InkChic78 Member

  4. k1ngTHC

    k1ngTHC New Member

    Lol just the concept makes me think its silly
  5. InkChic78

    InkChic78 Member

    yeah, its just another resource to meet people who are looking for mates. it can be good or bad, depending on the intentions of the users. I've gone on one date so far and it was cool, dude is nice. Give it a try.

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