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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by rick, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. rick

    rick Moderator

    The staff has decided that it is time for the Online Marijuana Retailers forum to go the way of the Do Do bird.

    When I created that forum it was to be a place where people could go to get good information regarding the various online Marijuana retailers. The Online Marijuana Retailers forum did this for about ... nevermind, it never did.

    I still feel the nature of the information is important, however, CheapTalk is not the place for this to happen. It's just not a good fit.

    We DO have a good fit in place now :)

    There is a section in The 420 Directory called "Online Marijuana Sales". I've created a commenting system that requires all new posts to be moderated prior to being posted to our live pages.

    If a post is made that is not an INTELLIGENT review of the supplier, then it simply will be deleted. This will end the problems and bickering. To start, I'll be moderating the comments to get a feel of how this is going to go.

    Online retailers need to add themselves to our directory. We will not list any supplier who does not wish to be listed. Privacy is a great concern for all of us and we will not list ANY supplier who has not listed themselves.

    Listing is free so perhaps some encouragement on your part to get your supplier listed would be a good idea.

    The changes have been made and we'll be moving forward with this model from here. I believe it will server everyone better than the chaos that the forum turned into.

  2. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Thank Goodness

    Thanks Rick!!!!!!!! :cool:
  3. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Goodness and Rick


    KNEW they were the same guy!

    ...have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz

    ESDFSFD New Member

    Is the new Forum up yet because I can't seem to find it? :confused:
  5. rhayes

    rhayes New Member

    rip off

    dont know if this fits here but here goes,

    <Admin Note>
    Nope, doesn't fit here. Please, we're only interested in comments on those online retailers that have listed themselves in The 420 Directory. As far as I am concerned, all others are scams as there is no way for us to vouch for the service of the retailer.

    </Admin Note>
  6. rick

    rick Moderator

    Re-read my post. There is NO new forum. Those online retailers who are interested will post their business at The 420 Directory and from there you can comment on the various listed retailers. Many retailers simply dont want the publicity and I can respect that. Those that do are free to list themselves in our online directory and have moderated comments attached to their listings.

    Here's the direct link to the Online Retails section of The 420 Directory.

    It is our hope that more retailers take advantage of this free listing as we simply can not endorse any retailer who has not. Please, beware of scams, a lot of people are losing their money right now.

  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Thanks Rick! The forum was a great idea, but, unfortunetly, it just didn't work out. too many useless posts, too much bickering, and even home addresses being published....I think the new way of offering informaton about MOM services will be a much better addition to the site...good job!!
  8. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    for the record...MOM service has nothing to do with me...


    Mama Budz

  9. jaman

    jaman Marijuana Master

    thank godesses , I was starting to wonder if the DEA was holding Rick hostage and running MJ .
  10. hesnice

    hesnice New Member

    sounds good

    except one thing, those people who were complaining that they didn't recieve won't have a chance to tell everyone that they were just being impatient and that I AM LEGIT!!
  11. rick

    rick Moderator

    The new and improved commenting system will give people the opportunity to intelligently review your service. This review will pass Administrations eyes prior to being posted to your profile. We'll only be allowing intelligent reviews, not whines and gripes.

    Think of this as somewhat of a clean slate. Get a customer or two, ask them to post a comment to your profile and in time, your reputation will precede you.

  12. hesnice

    hesnice New Member

  13. rick

    rick Moderator

    Of couse you know that I would refund your payment, hesnice. Im not making a lot of money on these things and I really do it to try to offer valid information, good and bad, on Mail Order Marijuana.

    I'll send a refund as soon as I receive payment and I apologise for any inconvenience.

  14. Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S. Original

    :D It's a good thing. fo sho

  15. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active


    I wonder if he wishes he never posted his, now edited post. I think you did the right thing Rick. I respect that, as a Business man and webmaster.
  16. hesnice

    hesnice New Member

    no no no

    now that I pulled my panties out my butt, i'm fine.
    Really, keep it. It's well deserved either way.
  17. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    I Don't Know

    If you think that your image has been tarnished, why stay on as a Advertiser. I hope you realize that the people that come to this site, have to deal with the Rath of Rick and His MJ Staff. We have read countless negative posts on more retailers than you. We have to read each post. We don't get compensated for this effort. We do it because we want to. It was out of control, and Rick came up with a great solution. Let's see if it works. If it don't we'll think of something that will. Give us a chance to do our thing too!

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