Oral Swab Test??

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by legendsgirl, May 3, 2002.

  1. legendsgirl

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    Does anyone know anything about these oral swab tests? I just had to take one for our life insurance...my agent said to test for tobacco & AIDS....
    Does anyone know if weed can also be detected through this? I'm a little worried!! If someone knows, please let me know!! I am really wanting to know!! I just hope that I don't lose my job over this!!
  2. trip7real

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    Hope you are doing well

    It is funny that you asked that. Yes, THC can be detected in by this collection method. Let me put your mind at ease, I a insurance agent who has been taking this collection for four years. THEY DO NOT TEST FOR ANYTHING THAT THEY DO NOT DISCLOSE. You are safe, if your agent told you that it was for HIV/AIDS and tobacco he was telling the truth. It would be a unnesccesary expense on the company to pay for extra testing. Plus, I have never heard of anyone ( insurance agents) testing for drugs.

    take it easy
  3. BigBiz

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    Swab Test

    I havent smoked marijuana in over a week now. I have a swab test coming up monday. I am scared about this test. Right now i am drinking a lot of water at the time. I work out all the time and have a fast metabolism. What should i do to help me be prepared to pass this test?

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