Orange juice and its effects on a stone

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by HitTheHammeR, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. HitTheHammeR

    HitTheHammeR New Member

    Often in the past, when one of my friends is on a bad trip, ill tell the guy to drink some OJ, forget where i heard this from, but i heard it can sober out one's buzz . . .

    its not always for this reason tho that ill tell em to drink it, i mean its a lot about mentality too, so i just keep adding in that itll sober em out just so they can say, 'yeah, i feel it kicking in' even tho they're probly peaking their high... lol

    anyways, what do u guys know about this OJ thing?
    does it work?
    and if so . . . how?

    id really like to know the chemical aspects of this, just so i can get a little reassurance behind my thinking
    thanks to all those who post a reply

  2. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I've heard of people drinking orange juice for the vitamin C before a trip to enhance it and possibly to keep it from going bad. But never to sober one up and never with weed. I'm sure you'll find something at . Look for vitamin C and orange juice.
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  3. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    Ive heard of this method for another unnamed drug... but never for MJ.
  4. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    Orange Juice is extra yummy when you're stoned. That's all.
  5. Bear

    Bear Guest

    Anytime I have gone down the vitamin C route (extra kick with vitamin C chewable tablets) I have always, with success, used it as a visual enhancer. I can say that anytime I have used it while injesting, it has had an effect that is quite strong. But, I find with weed that may times, for may people, mental states have quite a lot to do with the experience. Sometimes you get yourself into something that you can't shake off at all (if you're ready for it, it's fun indeed) - but other times triggers can bring you up or down. You may have just stumbled upon a strong trigger for your friend - you're his safety blanket - and that compounds your effect or administering the OJ.
  6. BudToker420

    BudToker420 Guest

    the bullsh*t your feeding him is the placebo effect..doctors use it all the time by giving patients "fake medicine".The patient goes home happy knowing his/her doctor found out what sickness is strickening him/her,takes the "medicine" and starts thinking they will get better.Most of the time this works becuase many colds are caused from stress and when that stress is lifted off your shoulders you begin to feel better mentally cause you know after awhile youll be back to normal...

    the world has a lot of neat tricks
  7. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    This was probably a myth started by the orange juice industry. "hey man, it'll make you higher... "
  8. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I think Bear hit this one. Vitamin C may be used as a visual enhancer. Considering that weed rarely causes visuals, it probably wouldn't do anything. Although, in theory, a high level of vitamin C may bring on weed visuals.

    Living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine. All a friend can say is ain't it a shame.
  9. HarvesteR

    HarvesteR Guest

    My chemestry professor said that out of all the weak acids, citric acid interacts in the most interesting ways with other chemicals. In a reactant-favored reaction (metabolism), citric acid could combine with the HCl (hydrocloric acid) in your gut, and with that crazy stuff in mary jane to amplify the effect. More likely it's a placebo, however.
  10. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    LOL I wouldn't be surprised :D

    I have heard that Orange Juice and Vinegar actually help you pass a urine test (LOTS and LOTS of it) and it actually worked with me, but I think I just had low levels of THC in my body.

    And it probably is just a placebo affect, I think it's the same reason Marijuana affects my asthma, but it is a known bronchial dialator: My doctor and everyone said it would make my breathing worse, etc., and I think I bring the problems on myself.
  11. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I wouldn't be surprised if its just a myth that comes from people making electric orange juice in the sixties.
  12. HitTheHammeR

    HitTheHammeR New Member

    lol bongzilla

    i kinda feel sorry for u having to drink all that vinegar

    i was gunna do that last time i went for a physical but i just said 'screw it' . . . my friend kinda convinced me that the guy who told me to do that was a crackhead and he just wanted to see the look on my face when i was drinking it . . .

    never-the-less, i didnt have to take a piss test, (thank the almighty) so ill never know what couldve been . . . (again thank the almighty)

  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    You are rehydrating them and giving them a quick boost of natural sugars.

    Orang juice is often given to a diabetic or hypoglycemic when they are going into a sugar shock (hyperinsulin/no sugar)

    Of course it is yummy too....

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: <== little orange faces :wave:
  14. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    Yea, I hadn't thought about the re-hydration thing. I feel that I'm more "aware" of my high when I'm well hydrated.
  15. HeRb HaZe420

    HeRb HaZe420 Guest

    yummy orange juice...mmmmmm good!:D
  16. Taima23

    Taima23 New Member

    Experience to report

    I lived on the beach in Florida and smoked cannabis for 10 years, drinking orange juice as often as daily for as many years. Never once did I experience a change in my high after drinking orange juice. Florida has some damn fine orange juice and some good buds if you know the right guy, so I don't think I was experiencing inferior products in either case.
    The act of drinking something, anything, given to one by a trusted friend is certain to calm anybody down.

    Just curious, are you registered to vote YES on Prop 19 to regulate, tax, and control cannabis in 2010? If you do, we will find definitive answers to all kinds of questions about cannabis, including how to make it more effective for pain relief and relief from muscle spasms. And maybe some about organge juice too. : )

    Ty Palmer :: Founder ::
  17. Quality

    Quality New Member

    I've never heard of oj sobering you, but i've been told chugging cold water sobers you up. I've never tried it though.
  18. laCster

    laCster Sr. Member

    he is talking about certain pharmaceuticals that are absorbed through special enzymes in your stomach
    in the case with pharms, it's actually Grapefruit Juice that inhibits these specific enzymes.

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