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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by daledenton, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. daledenton

    daledenton New Member

    so today i had to improvise and make a pipe, i decided to use an orange turns out it worked better than an apple. one question though, is it bad to use it more than once being that it could mold and what-not :soapbox:
  2. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    as long as you keep it in the fridge it should be good for a few more use's

    honestly though i would just make another one...if you wanna make a pipe from food that will last try a potato. no lie it works great and you can leave it in a drawr or where ever for a few weeks without worrying about it
  3. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    So how does this work? I would figure it would be a little to juicy?
  4. daledenton

    daledenton New Member

    you make it like you would an apple pipe, i personally think it makes it taste better and somewhat cools the smoke down more than an apple
  5. SeasonalToker

    SeasonalToker New Member

    Personally, I'd make another one, it's not like oranges are expensive. Question on the making: Did you use a screen/socket or something or just pack it tight? It would seem to me like an orange would have less of a natural bowl than an apple.
  6. 420_clumzy

    420_clumzy New Member

    i made a orange pipe at school before since i couldnt find a apple.
    i like it better than a apple pipe but its nasty the second time used
    its like a sour-ish, resin taste.

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