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  1. So I'm just curious...what fruits/vegtables have you made pipes out of? Personally I've smoked from an apple...and a few desperate times a potato, and once a chillum made from a carrot. Now that I think about it you could use alot of different foods. So what seemingly strange foods have you used?
  2. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    I've done Apple, Carrot, Watermelon (steamroller, it was rather difficult and I didn't make it alone), potato, onion (bad idea - tastes horrible) and pear (quite yummy).
  3. pear...mm I have to try that one
  4. tekkenlaw

    tekkenlaw Sr. Member

    Pickle, apple, strawberry, banana, and an orange.
  5. karnivor

    karnivor New Member

    sweet potato
  6. steakii

    steakii New Member

    Apple, cucumber, potato, carrot. Yeah, i tried a plum once and it just ended up turning into one huge mess.
  7. neverfail

    neverfail New Member


    So I guess I am not imaganable enouph.....but how do you carve them to work for a pipe? I have often wanted to try this before......

    do you carve a carb as welll? And what is used for a screen? Just a screen or a special carving technique?

    Sorry guys for being so blind. :) I just always over analyze things!!!

    Any help is awesome!!!!:hail:
  8. vern

    vern Sr. Member

    Take a pen, pencil, screw driver or something similar. Drive it through the apple, making a hole from one end to the other. One end is your mouth piece, the other is the carb. Carve a bowl-like shape into the apple. Pick a spot wisely; consider the safety of your face and hair. Once you have the bowl shaped, connect it with the other hole. I would do this trying to keep the hole at the bottom of the bowl as small as possible. Maybe use a smaller screw driver. Load weed, spark and inhale.
  9. sinkoman

    sinkoman The Burninator

    Apple and Potato.

    Tried a small stick of bread the other night, and you just end up inhaling a tonne of powdered bread. Do not try...
  10. Abbazabba1212

    Abbazabba1212 New Member

    I once made a pipe out of a full watermelon using a drill and two XL drillbits. It tasted so good with strawberry cough.
  11. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    I've only smoked from an apple, as far as fruits or vegetables go.
  12. kaythree

    kaythree New Member

    This made me laugh :D
  13. Stonerboner115

    Stonerboner115 New Member

    i wonder wat a orange or some citrus fruit would taste like with some citrus herb. i gotta try that
  14. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    You could make a waterfall (or gravity bong to you oversea-ers) out of a butternut squash
  15. how did you make the strawberry one? :)
  16. Inspired&tired

    Inspired&tired New Member

    I stuff baby carrots, because it's easier than rolling.

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