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  1. Big Nate

    Big Nate New Member

    While I was smoking some weed today, i was wondering what you guys thought about other naturally grown drugs. For me, I believe if it grows out of the ground directly to product with no added chemicals and you cant overdose on it it's fine in moderation. I have smoked salvia, ate shrooms, chewed peyote, and of course smoked marijuana. those are the only ones i have tried and they all proved to be wonderful plants (and spores). What are your guys' views on natural drugs (drugs that grow directly out of the ground with no added chemicals)?

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  2. MerzA

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    God grown, and I'd say the big man knew what he was doing XD

    And the only thing i've ever smoked (or plan on smoking) is marijuana
  3. Big Nate

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    Yeah thats pretty much what I thought you guys thought. I ment the drugs mixed with mary jane, like shrooms n weed, peyote n weed or salvia n weed. Are those like.... Safe? I read a post earlier asking if shrooms n weed are a good idea but what about peyote and salvia with weed? The reason i'm asking is because me and my friends are having a get together and we're all bringing those four.
  4. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    Personally I will only take those four drugs.

    This is what I know.

    Smoking Mushrooms and Marijuana together is perfectly fine, and can help if you get nausea or a bad a trip (won't make a bad trip go away though). But I personally find it pointless, because unless you go crazy, you are unlikely to get a bad trip and because you are tripping out while taking shrooms, you cannot feel the effects of the green.

    Peyote, I personally do not like, so have only tried it once and just don't find it as effective as the other three "naturals" mentioned in this post. So therefore I don't know what it feels like mixed with other drugs.

    Marijuana and Salvia, again, Salvia is a psychedelic, so you can't really feel the effects of the Marijuana because you are too focused on the trips.

    Salvia and Shrooms. Wow, i've never tried it, because it is two different chemicals creating the psychedelic experience, I don't know if i'd want to, do some research (Google is your friend) and see what its like.

    Try to find out Does it cancel each other out? Can you feel one and not feel the other? Is it just a much stronger trip? They are the important facts when researching mixing.
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