other ways of taking weed but not smoking it.

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Krayzie Bone, May 12, 2001.

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  1. Krayzie Bone

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    Im 17.And i love my moms but she would never aprove of me smoking weed and if she finds out it will break her heart cause she's done alot for me.

    I've heard that your can get an empty pill put marrijuana in it and olive oil and it might work.But i dont know if you will have to cook it.Im just trying to do it in a way that i wont have to cook it or any kind of smell cause i know with tha tea tha smell will problably come out.and bakeing it into brownies will really smell.

    So im really intrested in making a pill,I can find a regular bag of weed which is really potent.it's stronger then the creepy I think it's called red point but I aint sure.So tell me if I can do that in a pill and if a bag a weed will be as good.If ya know anything on this please hook me up cause cocaine is something that no one will find out but no way in hell do i wannna fry my brain.So if ya know anything reply to this or just e-mail me at righteous_thug@hotmail.com and hook me up.

    BTW little knowlege for the few people that dont know Platinum is more expensive,heavier,blings better,rarely scratches and the gold is cheaper,lighter,wont bling as much,easier to scratch.

    Im saying this cause i know that some people dont know that platinum is more valueable then Gold.Peace.
  2. .. there used to be a post about making weed pills on here, before the boards were erased... this is what i remember from it..

    you need to take your weed and grind it up to a powder almost... it said to put it in a blender

    once its really fine and powdery... you put it into a microwave safe bowl, and put in some cooking oil, anything with fat really.. and stir it up, and put it in the microwave a few times until it becomes a sticky black tar-like substance

    ... you then take it out, put it into the freezer.. and wait until it almost becomes a solid, but is still soft enough for you to form it -- and then take it out, and start putting the substance into empty gel-capsules

    ...it said you can preserve them in the freezer

    how it works is, just like when cooking weed, you need to release/activate the THC inside the marijuana... when you smoke it thats how you get high, but the reason for the oil is to trap the THC, because it's fat-soluble ... so the THC gets activated, but it's "trapped" inside of the oil still, waiting to be used... so when u take the pills it basically works the same as it would if you ate it

    *i have no tried this, but want to... if anyone has anymore information on it, like how much oil to use.... how many pills you need to take to get high, etc... please add onto it
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    Wrong Forum

    Welcome to Marijuana.Com, Krayzie Bone. :)

    You might want to check out the "Awesome Recipe" thread in the Recipe forum for suggestions and questions on marijuana in pill form.

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