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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by bastiche, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. bastiche

    bastiche New Member

    Ok i have never really bought more than an eight of weed. I am going to buy an ounce of dro tommorow for $125. I live in the chicago area. Is this a good deal?
  2. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    i really doubt your getting an ounce of hydroponically grown bud for 125 dollars.. way to good to be true.. anyone that takes the time to grow hydro isnt gonna sell it for that cheap unless your giving them sexual favors or somthing..
  3. bastiche

    bastiche New Member

    well then how do you think this is gunna go down? I mean i could probably kick the kids ass if he was gunna rip me off, but he says he hooks people up alot to be cool. How much would an ounce of dro usually cost?
  4. CanesWin

    CanesWin New Member

    In NC, dro is usually $100-150 per quarter ounce, depending on strain and quality. Assume maybe a little discount for buying quantity, but that still comes out to at least $300.
  5. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Dro is nothing more than a method for growing marijuana. Fact of the matter is that it has almost nothing to do with quality.

    125 for an ounce of marijuana is a good deal in general, unless it's a brick weed (which you'll know if it'd a dark brown weed that's packed really tight, so tight that you have to "chip" buds off of the chunk).
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  6. drOnly

    drOnly its blunt o'clock

    yeah but if they are growing hydroponically.. chances are they know what they are doing and arent first time growers.. meaning the weed is gonna be some killer.
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I tend to agree with Dr Only on this one....even at wholesale (bulk) prices, thats almost unheard of for true quality dank
  8. steakii

    steakii New Member

    There is a strand going around my area called "baby-dro" aka "Mid-dro" i doubt its actually dro, its basically seedless mids with a good amount of crystals and a few hairs. Its basically top notch mids. It goes for $125 an ounce in my parts.

    But real dro, the dro that you hear everyone going crazy over, will go no where near $125 an ounce unless you know a direct grower that is selling at extreme wholesale and just decides to hook you up for whatever reason.
  9. Passage

    Passage Sr. Member

    Sounds like you're getting shit weed, unless you're really chill with this guy.
  10. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Hahaha, Dr Only :p
    Yeah I agree as well. And even though hydro is only a way of growing Tro, many people still use the term as talking about KB. It should just be set in your mind already that if a noob says dro, he means KB.
  11. aznauticab0i

    aznauticab0i New Member

    Bammer weed maybe. or maybe an ounce of shakes. but where im from ounces go from 250-300. Decent weed
  12. I'm not sure. It seems like a good deal. But only seems. You want to be sure. Take a look at it. If your not completely sure this is quality then dont buy. Unlees you know him and he's a good guy. You should be fine if you know your stuff. Just be sure not to get buyers remores later...
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I haven't seen high-quality weed go for less than $300/oz. in many years. I get mids for $125/oz. when I buy in quarter-pound quantities. By the ounce, it's $150.
  14. arewdss

    arewdss New Member

    240 for an once of dro.
  15. hollywood39

    hollywood39 New Member

    woops! double post
  16. hollywood39

    hollywood39 New Member

    omg people pay so much for weed... here in NE the prices are

    8th- 5-10
    1/4- 15-20
    1/2- 20-25
    ounce- 50 and under

    8th- 10-15
    1/4- 25-35
    1/2- 50-70
    ounce- 100 and under
  17. jerzysanchez

    jerzysanchez Sr. Member

    i'm from the chicago area, OZs of dro are usually $320.
    i did come across some baby dro not too long ago, and i'm pretty sure that's what you're going to get. quality is a step up from regs, and it's just about as cheap. but if you do get legit dro, yes, of course that is a good deal. idk really, any oz for that much would be a good deal for me.
  18. 420kushni66a

    420kushni66a New Member

    dro price

    man 125 fa a o of dro??

    n u in the chi??

    dat kid or watever has no dayum idea wat he tlkn bout he give u a ounce of reggie fa 125!

    dro dwn here go up to 80 a quarter dro go tween 200-350 a ounce man
  19. sourDsmoka

    sourDsmoka New Member

    i agree with @steakii its probably just sum dro that a lot of ppl i get bud frum hav its just like sum good mids with no seeds kinda like sum KB
  20. Missy0Krissy

    Missy0Krissy New Member

    Wth? You guys pay 300$ for an ounce of dro? In CT or RI it's 200$ for an ounce.

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