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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by bytemee495, May 25, 2010.

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    Hey everybody!!
    I can only assume that this has been covered SOMEWHERE...Unfortunatly the search feature is not very adaptive to the iPhone. lol. I've tried so many times, however it just refuses to co-operate. In any case...I live in NYS(no medical...yet)...I'm only slightly over an hour outside of NJ (legal medical). Is there anyway, I can get a card in NJ? And avail myself of NJ's dispensaries w/o living there? Is there a loophole? I understand that it wouldn't be of any help in terms of any NYS law or law enforcment...But my reasoning is that I have bad anxiety and depression, and I would like the ability to buy strain specific... Is there anything I can do?? Thanks.

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    Appoligy to the mods...This was supposed to post this in medical marijuana forum (Damn Touch screens lol) if u wouldn't mind moving it for me? Thank you.

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    Move..But there has been much debate and speculation about having a medical card from another state and geting busted in your state..Some judges go by state law, then ur basically screwed if you were to be caught..But on the other hand, there are some judges that will let you go if you have a card from another state..It might cost a little extra for court fees and what not, but some judges will throw the case out if you provide a med card..Don't count on it, but it can be done..
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    Residency is a requirement for all state medical marijuana programs. If you live in NY, you can't get a card from NJ.

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