panic attacks have stopped me from smoking...

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  1. getblazed420

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    hey everyone,
    i have been sobre for 2 yrs now because i started having panic attacks,
    i thought that by quitting smoking they would go away when in fact my anxiety has just gotten worse over the yrs.

    i have been smoking since i was 14 and had my first panic attack when i was 17 while smoking regs.
    anyway i was introduced to kind bud when i went to college and moved in with my rom mates, i slowly smoked my way
    threw my anxiety after about 6 monthes and built up a tolerence again, and things went back to normal, i also had good friends
    that helped me threw my anxiety.

    anyway though when i was 22 yrs old i had my second painc attack while i was high, i tried to smoke threw it again but just couldnt do it.
    the anxiety was just to intense this time around so i gave up smoking altogether thinking that weed was the main cause of my anxiety when in fact that was not true at all but i had to know for sure.
    its been 2 yrs since i quit smoking weed and im still having anxiety trying to cope with it the best i can.
    i get perscribed xanax but only take them when i cant handle the anxiety anymore. i really miss smoking pot and would like to try again
    but to be honest i am a bit scared. i was by no means a begginer when i use to smoke and had quite a high tolerence. i feel alot safer
    smoking kind bud over regs though because i feel that the high is alot cleaner. mabe its all in my head but i will only smoke chronic if i choose to smoke again because both times i had panic attacks
    were off of regs.
    anyway i wanted to know is there any techniques or any advice anyone has for me that has had a similar expirience and are there any particular strains that help anxiety?
    ive heard that strawberry cough is used for people who suffer from anxiety but am not sure if this is true or not. thanks for listening to me and any feedback would be great.
  2. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Try smoking less during a session, keep it to 1-4 hits and then stop, even if you don't feel high right after those hits.
  3. mitchb

    mitchb New Member

    Take it painfully slow.

    I had the same problem and quit for 30 years. Only after 30 years and missing it all the time I thought to myself that why I reacted the way I did. I learnt that the only way to be able to smoke is to take a small toke and wait half an hour.If you don't get high but your not in a panic then take a little larger of a toke and then wait another half an hour. Although this sounds tedious it is but you will be able to know when you've had enough before you go into a panic. You may find that with good weed you may only need one toke and that's plenty. Just go slow and you will find out more honestly if you can smoke without panic.
    You should also know that you are not alone. I read somewhere that 1 of 5 people don't smoke due to negative reactions in the past. It is a common phenomenon where people panic from doing to much. Another way to try pot with less risk of panic is to eat some pot. It will take longer to hit you but the high is more level and panic less likely. Eat a tiny amount of pot or hash(around 0.2 gram) and wait. The effects could take up to 2 hours to work but can work as quickly as 20 minutes.When eating pot you rise slower and level off faster without the quick rush of smoking. You can eat a tiny bit wait then smoke 1 toke if your feeling good after eating but want more.
    The trick is to be patient and have control over the dosing. 1 toke usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes to kick in.
    If you smoke a joint in 5 minutes then in 10 minutes anyone might panic. Just go painfully slow at first. You will be grateful you did and you may find your dose after a few days. After smojking a few days your tolerance will allow you to smoke without fear but if you don't smoke for a few days then go slow again. I hope I helped.
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  4. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Xanax is nothing but a band-aid for a real issue. You need to learn how to handle your anxiety, or get on a real prescription chemical that will do it for you.

    I was plagued with anxiety and panic attacks, I still have them all the time. But I have learned the way of the force (LOL)...

    I went to this cognitive therapy for a little while and over time I was able to literally talk myself through a panic attack, even while higher than you have probably ever been in your life.

    You also need to understand that MJ is not going to do anything to you at all, nothing. You may feel your heart race, you may feel like your dying, you may feel like your throat is closing...these are all mental reactions and if you can learn to control them you will do OK.

    Note that in MOST cases of anxiety disorders, they never ever go away. So you really need to figure out how you are going to handle them first. If going with drugs make sure what you are taking is compatible with MJ.

    As far as strains....sativa's generally have a euphoric effect.
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  5. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    I agree 100% with kontroversy. MJ brings to the surface that which is already there. So you need to deal with the underlying issues with the help of a good therapist. It never ceases to amaze me how many people on this forum think of MJ as a cure all panacea. While the herb is wonderful, I agree, you need to do your own inner work first and foremost. MJ cannot do that for you.
  6. Ævilgar

    Ævilgar New Member

    While I would be the last person anyone thought would ever say anything like this: weed isn't for everyone.

    That being said, some people are just chemically imbalanced and require medications to balance themselves out, allegedly (according to medical professionals).

    I have a suggestion beyond either of the ones listed above though: try some Yoga. You can find all kinds of videos online of techniques to practice, no matter where you are there is a relaxation technique for you. You can be at work, at home, in the car, in an elevator, on a plane, or on a train, there are yogic moves that can help you relax. I would try that before i moved on to pharmacuticals.
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  7. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

    Marijuana is a very introspective drug. It reveals you to your most inner subconscious thoughts and feelings. Having negative realizations are fairly common but can be devastating. You have to deal with those thoughts, they won't just go away.
  8. Desperado

    Desperado New Member

    I believe Anxiety attacks can go away.

    I, like everyone else who has posted on this thread seems to, have been effected by anxiety and panic attacks. And yes, they seem to have started when i smoked weed... But, as sanfran said, they seem to be there before you smoke, and not caused by smoking marijuana, only brought out.

    I kind'a like this idea because it means we are really not "insane" as panic attack'ies sometimes think they are. We are just people, and have thoughts about certain things involving Satan and animal sacrificing >=) (Just kidding ;P)

    It means that we are just people! and Fuck! There is nothing wrong with us. It is kind'a like a tick, something that you developed during your younger years (a certain fear, or a certain habit) and you grow uup with it. When you smoke weed, somehow you realize that you have this fear or nervous tic within you. And the weed makes you realize that you need to get rid of this fearful thing so you can be the best you can be! (this is ONE of weeds many realization quality's)

    I think that the fact you still have panic attacks is because when you stooped smoking you only forgot about what your "problem" was, or you just ignored it. While when you high YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT.

    I think you need to do some introspective thinking of your own, and most of all. Learn to Like yourself! and Love yourself (not in the sexual way :p) in the Loving thyself way. Learn to enjoy yourself (if you do not already do.)

    I've found a big help with my anxiety was that I was constantly putting myself down, contradicting myself, and disliking myself. (wanting to be someone else). One funny thing though, when I contradicted myself, I would contradict the contradiction to try and make myself feel better but it would only make me worse in the end because I would hound on myself for contradicting myself in the first place thus disliking myself even more and going deeper into the spiral of anxiety.

    I would fear a panic attack from happening. I would be nervous about getting one, which in turn would cause one. Thus repeating the cycle. One thing you gotta DRILL into your head is that panic attacks are not a bad thing! Learn to Not care about them, and if you could enjoy them :) For if you enjoy them, they will cease to be panic attacks, and become enjoyment :)

    If you watch the show Obsessed on A&E, you can see parallels in those peoples lives with your own. (well at least I could a little, not any of the Extreme stuff mind you, but just the mind set)

    One helpful thing to think about is that you are not alone. Many people have these thoughts or whatever you could call them, I would be one of them.
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  9. Balazin

    Balazin New Member

    Wow, Im still new to the forums but reading this thread I really had to post something.

    You have to understand that Anxiety is a form of fear, and ANY fear can be beatten. It won`t go away after just 1 day. It takes a bit of time. Its like if your scared of the elevater, but you gotta go on the elevater to get to your work floor, lets say its the 20th floor. You wont be able to go from the 1st floor to the 20th all at once cause youll be too scared. But the goal is to always push a bit further then last time, or atleast get comfterble with the number of floors you move up. But never going down. Slowly but surely you`ll beat that fear :)
    And its pretty much the same with anxiety, you gotta always push yourself a bit further. And one day youll realise you went up 20 floors in 1 elevater ride. If you keep avoiding the elevater, then your fear of the elevater will only get stronger.

    Anxiety is ALL in your head, that was the hardest part to convince myself. But its normal to be feeling like you gotta get the hell out of the room, or your gonna have a heart attack, or faint, or feel really warm and sweaty and shaky. Thats how fear works, its sends a bit of adrenaline and keep you concentrated on the problem. Your gonna want to get out of there cause you cant stop thinking about it.

    But heres something that will help, and its soo easy. Just conscentrate on your breathing, take big breaths and let go small, and breath slowly trying to relaxe yourself. It sounds retarded but it works, also talk to yourself, in your head lol, like tell yourself you can do this, and try to fight it a bit longer. Also think about something you enjoy and thats relaxing like lets say, a day on the beach. At first it might seem like it doesnt work, but when you do these, and push yourself to fight it longer and longer, youll realise that you can do it and pull threw them were you feel comfterble being where you are with the people your with.

    Another thing, when your gettin a panic attack, you feel like everyone around you is noticing that somethings not right with you and that your having a hard time with the situation? Well they don`t, You look perfectly normal, and its all in your head. Unless your talking to yourself out loud lol.

    Now whenever i get a panic attack, i either just accept it and relaxe my way out of it, or just use it like a sort of adrenaline and be hyper active lol.

    As for weed. Weed has affected my panic attacks in the beggining. But its cause i was doing it with the wrong people in the wrong places. If your about to toke and your already nervous about it, it will only duplicate. Best place to do it i find is at home or a place you feel really comfterble, alone or with some close friends. Also stay away from public areas as youll feel like everyone is lookin at you and it will trigure a panic attack.

    Anyways, face your fears, slowly or fast. Don`t ever quit. And I GARANTEE you`ll pull threw panic attacks, And I Garantee you`ll be able to smoke weed and enjoy it. :D
  10. emas93

    emas93 New Member

    Is it possible to stop panic attacks from happening high or not

    Well im 17rs old ..........I started smoking weed in eigth grade i am now a senior in high school. Well about the end 0f 2009 it was a horrible snow storm so my parents let me stay tonite over my pothead friends house for four days and we were baked everyday and on the last day i guess he was annoying me by the way he looked at things in life cause the abulance asked me if i was mad about something and the crazy thing is i was mad before i went to bed i was high and my last words were "ima sleep good tonite" so i went to bed for like 10 seconds and i woke up and took the deepest breath ever my heart was beating so fast i went to the doctors after the ambulance took me there obviously and they said your fine just apanic attack so i kept smoking anyway but i stopped two times for like a month or 2month prd. and i was doing good actually i was still getting little symptoms of panic attacks.:(i was allso excersising every day constant cardiovasculasr exercises and then i got drunk with some friends of mine and i started smoking weed again in the end of summer basically and havent stopped since then every time after tht night i get panic attacks everytime i smoke but usually i can cope with it and sometimes get a little scared not really cause im so uset to it but yesterday i dindnt eat a thing and smoked 3 blunts of haze now i kno i get panic attacks the worst idea ever as i started walking i notice my heartbeat got very fast pounding my chest i was panicking of course because i didnt experience tht since the first panick attack now that was a horrible experience i am planning on stopping for about 5 months and deal with my anxiety soberly do you think doing that would help me to have a better reaction to weed i kno people are gonna comment and say just stop but i want to figure a way out to just quit and start to see if my reaction could be much better and have a normal high again cause theres people that have done it before so i kno i can do it WELL I HOPE SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME GOOD ASS ADVICE
  11. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    I have or had the same exact problem..had my firts attack wile high, thought it was the pot..SO I quit smoking , and i still have them, and its worse now..I figure one of these days I'll try smoking and see if that helps more than the zanex im prescribed..
  12. ciregg222

    ciregg222 Sr. Member

    Take the periods from "17rs old ..........I started" and spread throughout the paragraph. LOL

    But seriously ... smoke a little bit at a time. Relax. Know that your heart rate will be higher and thats normal.
  13. whompa stompa

    whompa stompa New Member

    I can relate to exactly how u feel and I can tell you exactly how to fix it. First of all, you gotta know that you will never be able to smoke as much as u were before. you need to talk to a doctor and tell them you are suffering from an anxiety disorder and ask them to prescribe you with something besides xanax, something more long term to fix the problem instead of just an instant relief. Now, after taking something like celexa or lexapro for about a month your anxiety should subside, its wont be totally gone, but it also wont be half as bad. now, pick up a pipe, load a really small bowl, just enough to get maybe 1 small hit. the effect should be very minor, but enough to get u past the fear. you might want to smoke more so go ahead, just remember not to jump the gun. now youre smoking again! but remember, u cant be doing this everyday, because cannabis blocks most anti anxiety medicines from doing there job, so when you do smoke, maybe do it every other day at least 2 hours before or after you take your pill :afro:
  14. Modavated

    Modavated New Member

    I definitely had bad trip / anxiety eventually from pot. I stopped smoking ...

    Now I eat it! As it is known, it gives more of a body high, and is way healthier for the body. It works. But I also still have to watch my dosage, I will usually eat little bits at a time, every hour to a couple hours when I am consuming.
  15. foreverdonefor

    foreverdonefor New Member

    I was doing some googling and found this thread, so I decided to register and post.

    The first couple replies hit the nail on the head, especially Balazin. If you feel like you're about to have an attack, concentrate on slow breathing and assure yourself that it's not going to kill you, and that it's all in your head.

    I had been smoking for 5 years, an ungodly amount of ganja, when one time last year I mis-read a text message and my mind started to overreact. It was a silly thing to overreact to, but the fear was unbearable. Started getting dizzy/nauseous.. body felt like it was on fire.. tingling feeling all over.. pain in the chest.. So I went to the bathroom to wash off my face with cold water.. and on my way back to the bedroom I started seeing spots and collapsed with no warning.

    This exact scenario happened to me twice more.. always triggered by meaningless problems in my head.. and it only happened when I smoked.

    I never feel these sensations at all when sober (or drunk for that matter), but I found that moderation is the key.

    Take it slowly when getting back to smoking.. pay attention to how much/how many times you're hitting the green. Getting too high, too fast makes me worry that it's going to happen again.. and the higher I am.. the harder it is to keep my mind from thinking irrationally.

    So take a hit and chill for a while.

    Should you feel a panic attack coming on, (can't get the negative thoughts to stop flowing) just focus on relaxing. Inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 8. Tell yourself that you'll be alright and you might keep the attack from getting too intense. Since I started doing this, i've been able to smoke just fine.. not as much as I used to.. but still get a lil' stoned :D

    As for the other messages, saying that you need to get on a long term medication to help your situation.. i'd advise against it, personally. I went to the doctor and got put on a generic Celexa and after about 1 1/2 months of taking it.. got too high.. and fell out from a panic attack again lol.. the only "cure" for anxiety is mastering your thoughts. Someone suggested yoga. Meditation has helped me overcome my anxiety completely. By eliminating the constant rambling of negative/persistent thoughts in your head, meditation will help you maintain a better appetite, you'll sleep better and life will become more enjoyable all around.

    I hope my post helps/inspires someone to smoke again without fear.

    I'm back on the bandwagon too, as soon as I find a job! :D
  16. tthepwny

    tthepwny New Member

    Helpful tips for getting throug panic attacks

    I read a lot of this thread and a lot of the info is very helpful. Let me apologize now for the novel I'm about to lay out.

    Panic attacks first hit me in 2009 when I was living in an unstable environment, about to get evicted. I was smoking with a new friend and it just hit me all of a sudden. Shaking and shivering, pins and needles, tingling and a rush of hot/cold energy from my head to my toes and back. NOT fun, NOT relaxing and definitely NOT the feeling from cannabis that I know and love so much.

    I eventually got through it by continuing business as usual. I was pretty much a daily smoker, multiple times a day, I would say about 2 grams in total per day.

    Years went by and I found myself dealing with severe depression. I tried a few different prescription medications, all of which had more side effects and "weird feelings" than a cure. Eventually I made enough good decisions that led my life in a better direction with stability, and that combined with my daily cannabis made depression virtually gone.

    All was well, I was a year in on my first medical marijuana license, smoking all day every day for at the very minimum a year straight. I was living with a friend who also had his license and things weren't so good for him. He made some bad choices and lost his jobs, he started to have these episodes that would lead to me taking him to the emergency room, no cannabis involved. I developed severe anxiety from the constant trips to ER, always having to be ready to wake up and drive, always having to be completely sober, always having to help him as he made him self vomit until his stomach bled. He never really figured out what was wrong with him, but I figured out that I couldn't be in that situation anymore, so I moved on.

    Not long after moving I got into therapy for my anxiety issues, they started me on a medication I had used before called effexor xr. Without saying anymore, if you hear the name of that drug, turn around and walk the other way. I was taking it for about two weeks, and every time I would smoke, 30 minutes later I had complete level 10 panic. Shaking and shivering, the whole ball of wax. I couldn't find relief so I stopped smoking all together just to avoid panic attacks, which is exactly what makes it panic syndrome. I am still trying to get back to my normal daily activities and I am still patiently waiting the day that I can take another bong load straight to the head, cause I've got a great little piece that draws like a pencil. I stopped the effexor and have been having withdrawal symptoms that include dizziness, sweats, intense vivid dreams, nervousness and panic attacks. I am told they will stop eventually, but they are at their worst when I try to smoke.

    Here is what I've found that helps me: Practice breathing, it DOES ACTUALLY STOP PANIC ATTACKS. PERIOD. I cannot stress that anymore. Breathe slowly from the diaphragm. Secondly, like everyone else has said, you WILL NOT DIE from a panic attack, and even if you die from some other reason, there's no stopping it, it must be your time, BUT ITS NOT HAPPENING FROM A PANIC ATTACK! The trick to overcoming panic attacks is to take control of your mind, face your fear, slowly at first, take your time and it's not going to happen over night. Meditate and learn to get your mind to a calm place, this will be useful when you have worried thoughts.

    Dizziness was a hard one to get through, I found it helpful to rock in a chair to get used to being a little disoriented, then after that was tolerable, spinning in an office chair, slowly of course, but just enough to get the feeling that being disoriented is okay and I am still in control.

    I was having a full blown panic attack the other night and I found myself writing in a journal. I started keeping one to document when/where/what caused panic attacks. So there I am writing, I started writing out my fears, I am afraid of this, and I am afraid of that. I am afraid I am dizzy, I am afraid I am having a heart attack, I am afraid I will be stuck dizzy forever. So there I was with this list of worries, and in that moment I looked down at them, there they were looking right back at me. They looked so small, they looked so helpless, tiny little worries now out of my head and on paper. I had to laugh, and there was nothing to worry about anymore. Writing my worries out has never seemed like a helpful idea, but by god it works for me and I am going to keep doing it.

    With all that said, I hope my advice is helpful to those having trouble with panic attacks and cannabis. I am back to smoking, a little at first, maybe one hit every 20 minutes or so, but I'm smoking! Panic will pass, just like the spliff. Good luck and Never give up!

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