Paper to use when you have no rolling paper?

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What paper do you smoke outtve when u have no ziggies?

  1. Bible

    156 vote(s)
  2. Tissue [ahhh 911!911!]

    5 vote(s)
  3. Computer paper [ugh]

    12 vote(s)
  4. Receipts

    49 vote(s)
  5. Faxpaper (kinda same as receipts)

    2 vote(s)
  6. Sticky tape

    5 vote(s)
  7. Dollar bills :)

    24 vote(s)
  8. Other paper (specify)

    66 vote(s)
  1. Joeyy

    Joeyy New Member

    FINALY! The bible has some use to me.
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  2. Joeyy

    Joeyy New Member

    FINALY! The bible has some use to me.
  3. buzzmobile

    buzzmobile Member

    On the road in Central America

    in the mid-70's there were no such things as rolling papers. I learned that the locals used the foiled paper surrounding cigarettes in the pack. Yes, it's true. The foil could be separated from the paper it was attached to if one was very careful. Once the foil was removed the paper could be used to roll a joint. Tearing a thin strip off of one end of the paper left a slightly ragged edge that would adhere to itself when moistened with just the right amount of tongue spit.:p They weren't fancy, but they burned.

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  4. Pro tip:): It is very bad to smoke out of paper that is not meant to be smoked out of. There are numerous amounts of toxins on them (ink, special coatings, bleaches etc.) that will no doubt harm your lungs when smoked out of. Also, these papers are heavier than rolling papers, and produce a more harsh smoke. Plus, in my opinion, you look just plain dumb smoking out of anything other than rolling papers if your going to be smoking joints.

    Personally I dont use any paper other than rolling papers. If I'm out, I pick up some more. If I can do it, and I'm a minor, you can too:)
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  5. buzzmobile

    buzzmobile Member

    All of those points are good. Check the thread title again, and save the scary stuff for another thread.;)

  6. Tralfaz

    Tralfaz New Member

    Not so much anymore but, Tampax tampon paper used to work great. Especially if there were more than a few people and I wanted to make a "party joint", they could hold nearly a quarter ounce, if one were so inclined. The light pink Tampax logo was a funny touch.
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  7. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    I usually smoke out of a pipe, but if I don't have a pipe or rolling papers, I've been known to hit a receipt joint before, as long as the receipt doesn't have too much ink on it...

    I'm a fan of glass though.
  8. Scorpius

    Scorpius New Member

    those mini bibles the jesusfreaks hand out have blank pages that work ok. they burn a little too fast though
  9. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    On two occasions I have used blank telephone directory pages, but just go out and buy some papers, its not hard even for me at 15, or get a piece.
  10. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    Word. It seems to me that all you do around here is spout the same nuggets of sense in the vain hope that people will listen. +1 for trying
  11. 2 High 2 Die

    2 High 2 Die New Member

    I hardly ever run out of Rizzlas, Zig Zags etc. cause they sell them in the pound shop which is like, 2 mintues from my house. But I have used tracing paper before and it wasn't nice to be honest. My friend rolled it for me cause, in all fairness, I suck at rolling. It did get me high, but it came with a price of an awful taste and an awful after-taste luckily, we had supplies to suit our needs lol.
  12. I know that they are very good points, and I did in fact check the thread title. This thread is about paper to use when you have no rolling papers.

    That being said, I am advising against using anything other than rolling papers. My thoughts on this are very valid, and are in no way irrelevant to the topic.

    What is wrong with an apple pipe?
    Why must we smoke out of reciept paper, tissue, or dollar bills?

    I dont understand why, even when I post a valid point that directly relates to the OP's situation, and even his own health, people are telling me that its not relevant.
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  13. terradicktyl

    terradicktyl New Member

    i've used white or pink (or other light color) tissue gift wrap paper, it's thin enough to seal itself. But now I always have papers, and I'm hooked up glass-wise.
  14. Bahama Dreamz

    Bahama Dreamz New Member

    go outside and get some dry banana leaf
  15. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    i just go buy papers. whats wrong with your broke asses? haha kidding =P
  16. OrpheriuM

    OrpheriuM New Member

    dollar bills I would never ever smoke weed out of a dollar personally because it could buy you like 10 or 20 papers but I don't know burning money is cool:p:rolleyes:
  17. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    I learned this from a friend who got into that wack drug in the late 80's. He'd take tin foil and roll it around a pencil until he had a tube then bent it at the bottom forming a bowl at the end with a crease at the bend lose enough to allow airflow. We've used it in a pinch camping once when we lost our papers and it worked ok. it's only good for a few uses then the foil gets nasty. Not sure I'd want to smoke out of tin foil often and it gets hot fast, will burn yer fingertips if you hot box it with a lighter. Plus you could suck some debris through it. But when u gotta smoke u gotta smoke....
  18. Brandon1025

    Brandon1025 New Member

    I'll just empty out a cigarette and pack the green in there, or I'll make an apple pipe or use my coke bottle bong.
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  19. abrut

    abrut New Member

    On those nights where I'm out and about and left my pipe or papers at home and all the smoke shops are closed, I just hollow out a cigarette and take out the filter. Then make a cardboard roach and fit it where the filter usually goes. (Cigarette filters change the taste and I've heard it removes THC) Then break up and stuff my goods in there.

    Now if I'm out of cigarettes and I'm in that situation also.. well I make a soda can pipe or apple pipe depending on if I feel like Alzheimer's that day. Good thing those days don't happen too often. Then sometimes I'll just forget those ideas and head home to my pipe or bong or ziggies.:D
  20. Dinglesberry

    Dinglesberry New Member

    If i have too, i use plain white paper (you know, the printer paper), or i use a home made bong that i made :). It works great, costed nothing and took 5 minutes to make

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