Paranoia (Worst High Ever)

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by ganjamanja, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. ganjamanja

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    I feel sane now, albeit still a little scared or confused. I'll try to tell you my story and see what you guys make of it. I am not new to smoking marijuana by any means, but last night was a horrible experience. I was at my girlfriend's house and my knees were hurting me so badly. I do have chondromalasia which is very similar to arthritis, so this was nothing new. I decided instead of taking a painkiller, we should smoke. That always makes all pain go away and leaves me feeling very calm and happy. So, we eat our pizza and head upstairs to her room. I went to the dresser and got the air tight container which held our last few buds. I picked up some papers, and went over to the bed. I rolled a nice joint (one of my best actually) and we started to smoke. I am normally not a lightweight, I intended this one joint shared between us to give me a buzz and relieve me of any pain I was feeling. Well, this sucker hit me so hard. I felt like I drifted into a long sleep and when I woke up, I was so confused. I knew I had smoked some really good weed, and I knew I was in my girlfriend's house with her, but everything else was very hazy. I think I went to the bathroom and came back into the room to ask her how she was. She said she was feeling the same way that I was, kind of anxious and everything looked like it was part of a claymation film, only the clay was melting. I gave her a hug, and when I opened my eyes her face started to melt and she looked like a demon. I jumped up, and I was overcome with a horrible feeling. Every other second, it felt like I was having a horrible dream but then I wake up and grip reality but the nightmare kept coming back. I don't remember much of what happened at this point, but she told me I was jumping around and crying and shaking things begging to be let outside. She was scared if I got out of the room and went outside I would hurt myself so she said no. I spent what felt like hours (more like 10 minutes) begging her for someone to talk to. I felt like I was dying. Every other second I felt perfectly fine, but in between seconds I felt like I was going to die. Her parents are avid marijuana smokers and have been all of their lives, so I asked my girlfriend to get her mom so I could talk to her. She refused to at first, but as I begged and cried she went and got her. I tried to explain to her how I felt, and paranoid was the only word I could think of. I truly thought I was in a never ending nightmare and that I was trapped and I was going to die. We all went downstairs and sat and talked. I spoke with her father and he tried to calm me down a little bit. Their faces looked like they were fake and the only thing that looked real was the television. I just felt like I was losing reality. I drank about 8 glasses of water in a 10 minute period (it felt like 10 hours) and her dad gave me some gum to try to distract me and stimulate my senses. The gum definitely calmed me down a little bit, and her dad and I discussed marijuana for a long time. Talking about how this feeling was brought upon by a plant and how it would go away very soon relaxed me. I sat down with my girlfriend and started to watch a movie. My girlfriend tells me every time a black person appeared on screen I shouted racist comments. When I felt ok enough to go home, I did. I just can't tell you enough, I was so fucking scared and I felt like I was dying. It truly was horrible. I have never been more afraid in my life. Will I stop smoking? Hell, no. I figure it was one bad high, I'll be fine. I just needed to write and clear my head a bit, sorry if it made no sense. Has anyone ever felt like this before? I was anxious from the pain when I started smoking, could the marijuana have made me feel more anxious? Thanks for reading guys
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    i had an expierence sorta like that
    i hadnt smoked a blunt in a while so
    me and my friends buy an 20 of some bud we get like 15 grams and smke like 8 bowls while my friend rolled the blunt it was like between like 5 people but we smoked the blunt and i just started trippin like it was realy hot outside i live in so-cal but like i wasnt sweating at all and felt like i was goin to be sick my mom wantd me o go soewhere with her so i ran to my house and evrything was like slow and underwaterey and we went for a drive to her friends to pick up somethin but the ride went buy so fast is was tripp next thing i know im back with my friends and were all like trippin and i cant really remember anything else but im not a lightweight i smoke everday but hey weed is magical plant
    and thats the best thign about it
  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I tried to read your post, but the lack of paragraphs made it too difficult.
  4. As Buzzby says, you might wanna look into spacing out your sentences more, as its not easy on the eyes. I managed to decipher it however, so here are my thoughts...

    I think that it was probably an off day for you. I would be more worried about how I acted in front of your girlfriend and her parents (shouting racist coments and such), than if it will happen again.

    Also, I would suggest you try smoking another time. Dont smoke alot, just enough to see if it is going to have any negative effects. If it seems like something bad will happen or if you start to feel bad, put the joint out, and think positive thoughts.

    Perhaps listen to some smooth jazz, that is very relaxed music!:)
  5. dutchcruise

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    i know exactly how you're feeling. in february or march me and a friend of mine were at my house and decided to smoke. so we lit up and smoked a few bowls. i was feeling insanely good i remember telling him i was like a peach and i was bursting? don't ask me, lmao. but anyway about five minutes later we both started to feel werid.

    i went over to the window and lifted it up and took a breath and turned to him and said "this isn't going to be good" and walked downstairs into my bathroom. mind you this was about midnight. i spent what felt like three days sitting, standing, and leaning over the toilet in my bathroom vomiting, crying, and begging for it to be over. it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    now upstairs, my friend started freaking out as soon as i left. he went into the bathroom and was looking at his face in the mirror and he said that he started melting. he said that it felt like he was dying, only worse. when i came upstairs again it was four thirty, and i felt high and fell asleep, it was really werid.

    i think that when i started to freak out, it was like a chain reaction to cause him to freak. at first we thought the weed was laced with coke or PCP because we were buying from a brand new dealer at the time, but we smoked a few bowls of the same batch the next week and we were both fine.

    i definetly think it was a one time thing, and it fucking sucks and it hasn't happened since. chill out and drink a lot of water, that helped me. good luck man.
  6. Rhymenocerous

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    Weed can be crazy sometimes. The first time I smoked a blunt (I'd been smoking for like 6 months prior) I got so high I couldn't even talk more than a few words. I was very paranoid too. It was just a bad feeling. Luckily a friend realized I was about to freak out and helped me to bed.
  7. Hunter2021

    Hunter2021 New Member

    dont feel bad

    It's happened to the best of us, the famed "scared High"it's enough to keep some folks from smoking ever again, but for the rest of us tolerance has most likely kept us from getting a "scared high" after one incident.
  8. ganjamanja

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    I totally forgot about paragraphs and such, sorry about that guys. I've come to the conclusion I simply had a panic attack. My girlfriend was more entertained than anything about the racist comments haha. We're not huge on political correctness, but I digress. I'm not afraid to smoke again now, because I think I know the cause of my horrible night. It wasn't the weed, so why be afraid?
  9. o_t00high_o

    o_t00high_o Sr. Member

    I'm lucky enough to have never had a bad high or trip out like that. The closest I have come to that is when I smoked some of my girlfriends moms weed. She brought a couple pre-rolled j's with her to my place and we smoked them and then I lied on my floor waiting on her to finish up in the bathroom (she was doing some girl shit) and I started to see dancing green trees. I felt awesome and didn't have a second of paranoia or anything bad.

    The only thing I can say about having a bad trip is it was mental. Or maybe it was laced or it was a powerful differnet strain of weed that what you're used to and it shocked you.

    Hopefully it doesn't happen again.
  10. Durden

    Durden New Member

    I've had a couple experiences where I've tripped out and got really really paranoid and felt my body doing straaaaange things..but even when I have a bad experience, as weird as it sounds once I'm calmed down I kind of enjoy it. It's interesting feeling different emotions and feelings, even if they are considered negative.
  11. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    You fell asleep? Could've been a ''night terror."(click)

    I've had them before, kinda sounds the same.. except for yelling at the TV.
  12. ganjamanja

    ganjamanja New Member

    It felt as if I had fallen asleep, my girlfriend said my eyes were closed for a few seconds
  13. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    might've been laced, Or greenin out?

    I Dunno man, i've had some fucked up storys, but nothin like demons and meltin and shit.
  14. Laxbro27

    Laxbro27 New Member

    Since you and your girlfreind both had similar sensations, I'm thinking it was laced with something. Be careful who u buy from.

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