Paranormal Activity

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by nikk, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. nikk

    nikk Sr. Member

    I wouldn't want to watch this movie, but the review on aol got me interested enough to watch it when its on watch-movies

    [ame=]YouTube - "Paranormal Activity" - Official Trailer [HQ HD][/ame]
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  2. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    i want to see this so bad. it's looks pretty creepy. probably will wait to either download or for it to come out on dvd.
  3. DanKJuggalo

    DanKJuggalo Sr. Member

    I didn't hear about this movie till just last night when i saw the trailer come on tv. It looks interesting but im not too sure whats it all about? I get the paranormal part but is it suppose to be like ghost hunters or something?
  4. jerzysanchez

    jerzysanchez Sr. Member

    yeah, i want to see this really bad.

    it's only out in select theatres, i was going to make a drive out to the city (chicago) last friday to watch it... but ended up staying in the suburbs and watching zombieland, which i was not dissapointed with.
  5. mrchanger

    mrchanger New Member

    Warning!! Warning!!

    Watching this movie while you are really stoned WILL cause permanent brain damage!! Your brain is in a highly receptive state when you are stoned.:soapbox:
  6. LiveForMusic1827

    LiveForMusic1827 New Member

  7. LiveForMusic1827

    LiveForMusic1827 New Member

    So I saw this movie last night and would 100% recommend seeing it in theatres!!! Its not the type of movie where its blood and gore but its more of one of those "what if this happened to me" kind of thing. If you've seen the blair witch project...its similar in the sense thats it looks completely real the way it was filmed. I would recommend seeing it with a friend just b/c its really creepy. And dont get me wrong ive seen everything from the rob zombie version of halloween to all of the saws....and this still freaked me out more than those.
  8. cthcforlife

    cthcforlife Sr. Member

    If the aol critic gave said it was as good as the descent I may have to question how good of a critic he really is...I rather take jay sherman's advice...
  9. bFeLL

    bFeLL New Member

    gonna see this movie soon, heard it was really good from some friends

    hopefully not a let down
  10. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    :D woo it's in my local theatre, I checked last night.
  11. desiremj

    desiremj New Member

    OK I just got back from seeing this. Let me tell you, this is one of the freakiest things I have ever seen. I was 100% sober and i warn people not to smoke, you will regret it. It wil be an awful high. The movie seems real but I have my doubts. Go see it and tell me what you think. It will make you think.
  12. jerzysanchez

    jerzysanchez Sr. Member

    it's a mockumentary (looks like a real life documentary, but is actually fictional).

    i still need to see this, it's open nationwide now i think.
  13. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    Just saw this movie last night, it didn't really live up to all the hype it's gotten, but it was a decent movie. It was more freaky than scary, I think I was more scared when I got home that night than when I was actually watching the movie. Everytime I would hear a noise I would just stop and listen, I think cats are supposed to ward of evil spirits or something like that so I just made sure my cat was a couple steps behind me all the time lol. I'm still a little freaked out even now, my mind is still playing tricks on me.
  14. miSS Real

    miSS Real New Member

    AHH! I wanna see this so bade, but it wasn't in my local theater so it looks like I'll have to wait a little bit longer...I hope it's worth it because from what I hear it is pretty creeepyy
  15. Murk the bong

    Murk the bong New Member

    My buddy told me it was scary as hell, i might go see it, not sure though i'm not much of a horror guy
  16. lMarijuana lMan

    lMarijuana lMan Sr. Member

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  17. daydreamindaze

    daydreamindaze New Member

    not to be a downer but it really wasnt scary at all.
    it just wasnt worth it and the ending sucked.
    i want my money back.
  18. MetallicaFan495

    MetallicaFan495 New Member

    Your crazy man if you were those people you wouldn't have been scared shitless? Of course its less scary because its not happening to you but if you put yourself in their shoes, thats what made the movie freaky.
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  19. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    I'm gonna watch this high lol...

    I'll post here when I'm done.

    EDIT: No I"m not...the quality sucks and I don't want it to ruin the film for me :p lol
  20. Sproggs

    Sproggs Sr. Member

    I ended up watching it with a friend and we both thought it was kind of lame :p lol

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