Passed Drug test with less than 2 weeks clean. My story

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by cosmo3, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Ok, i am posting this because i now know what people go through, think, and feel when they have a surprise drug test. Here is my story on how i passed a dt being less than 2 weeks clean.

    I recently applied for a job that i really wanted back in september. After not hearing back about my application i learned that they were not hiring anymore for 2011. I said fuck it, ill apply in 2012 when they are hiring again. I started to smoke regularly again. In the middle of november i get a surprise shock to find out they are hiring again for a dec 2011 positions so i quickly fill out a app again and just wait to see if i get a interview. filled out the app nov 13. Didnt hear anything the next day so i decided to smoke with my boyfriend after i got off work from my other job. Didnt think about it but i smoked then checked my email around 1230am and saw that i had a interview the next day with less than 24 hr notice. So i start to freak out because im stoned and have nothing ready at all for this interview at 2pm. I go to this interview and aced everything, i was really confident...turned out that i didnt get it first off. I was sooo bummed but the next week i got a call asking if i still wanted it and of course i said yes. So after getting off the phone, ive only been about a week clean. I start freaking out about this drug test that i have to take by monday nov 29. thank god thanksgiving was this week so it gave me a extra 4 days to get the thc out of my system. So i just start drinking a shit ton of water for every single day, like a gallon if not more. Then i went to vitamin world and bought some daily cleanse and niacin. The daily cleanse directs the thc to your colon and not to you kidneys. The niacin raises your metabolism. I tried to exercise, i went like 3 days, but im a waitress and the last thing i wanted to do was to be at a gym at 12 am after being on my feet all day. And i bought some home drug test. I failed both of them with only 1 line showing up on both, one kinda looked like it had a faint line but still. I was to the point, if i get it, cool, if i dont, bummer.

    So, i drank the shit out of water, colon cleanse, niacin. But what i truly recommend is OMNI CLEANSE:EXTRA STRENGTH!!!!! I took this shit 3 hrs before my test on monday with only being 13 days clean and passed my drug test. I highly recommend buying this if your freaking out. Best 35 bucks i ever spent in my life!!!!. You can buy this at vitamin world or any other supplement store.

    I dont care if it works on dilution or not, it will help you pass your dt...thats the only thing that matters. It has a shit ton of vitamins including creatine and will make your urine a neon green. Try going atleast 3 times before your test so it will lighten up, and drink alot of water so it can lighten up when you have to go.

    So,, it is possible to pass your drug test in less than 2 weeks. If it helps, i had a ecup escreen urine test. Im female, 24, about 135lbs. I have guy friends who have used this and passed too who are chronic smokers with only 2 days clean. once again, I DONT CARE IF IT ACTS ON DILUTION, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU WILL PASS!!!!

    I know what it feels like to drink nothing but water and it sucks, i know. But i wanted to post this to help people who are going through what i went. I did nothing but search forums and google for the past week after i learned i had to take my test.

    OMNI CLEANSE is what you need. Follow my directions and hopefully it will help you as well. Goodluck.
    Hopefully they legalize this shit so we dont have to worry about this anymore.
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    Thanks I will have to do this!

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