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    After fretting about a saliva drug test for the last couple of days, the HR manager just called and said that I had passed. I am a long time (over 25 years) toker. It had been exactly 24 hours from my last toke till the test. I thought for sure I was hammered on the test due to the fact that prior to testing I had just finished my 2nd "O" in about a month and a half. I read as much as I could about saliva testing the night before the test. The most useful bit of info was the 12-24 hour "window" of when THC is detectable in saliva. Since I didnt have much warning (HR called as I was finishing my last toke and asked me if I could come in the following morning.) I was really sweating it. All sorts of articles were saying about detox mouthwash, etc. Since I didnt have the time nor the funds for the mouthwash stuff, I figured I'd try my own I brushed my teeth about 5 or 6 times that day, and just prior to the test (in the parking lot) I rinsed heavily with a "whitining" mouthwash purchased on the way. The stuff leaves a film on your teeth and inside your mouth. When I put the swab in, I rubbed it over my teeth on both sides of the thing and held it against my upper teeth till I was told to stop. Apparently I did it right as I start my job tomorrow at 9 a.m...Hope this helps.

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