Passing a piss cup test a week after smoking?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Ownedinthedome, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Ownedinthedome

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    I have to take a piss test on Tuesday (supposed to be Monday but I can probably delay it a day or two). I'm 6'1" and about 260 lbs, I smoked periodically all through July and stopped smoked Tuesday because I knew I had a drug test coming up about 3-4 weeks from Tuesday, which would have been plenty of time for me to pass because I planned on working out anyway. SURPRISE! P.O. calls me up and tells me he wants me to come in on monday and take a piss test. It's a test where I piss in a cup, it tells me if there is any THC in my urine or not, and they throw out the cup, nothing too bad I guess.

    P.O. watches me while I take this piss, he knows that I am very gun shy when I have to have him watch me, and he knows that I usually drink alot of water prior to help me pee with my gun shyness, so my pee being clear is not a problem. Anyone have any dilution tips and tricks for me? I was planning on going in a little later in the day, drinking tons of water and peeing about 3-4 times before I go in and than hoping for the best.
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    Hello Ownedinthedome

    Don't get the reason for your posting. What "dilution tips and tricks" could you possibly require:confused:

    You say that your PO knows that you will be diluting and you describe it as an instant test with no validity checks. Sounds like a win to me.

    Dilute away!!

    Best ~
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    But then you go on to state,
    Clear is clear, is it not? What difference does it make how much more you dilute? Where is the problem?
  5. Ownedinthedome

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    well over-do it as in hurt my kidneys
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    When they test you, they are not looking for THC in your system but the after effects of THC entering your system. They are looking for certain levels of Cannaboids (poop of THC). I've tested myself on how long it takes my system to clean itself.

    It takes me three days to cleanse my system to be naturally clean. I have a high metabolism and my liver does a good job of processing the THC.

    You can always take a home test kit and test yourself before you go to be totally safe.

    Unless you live in a medical marijuana state and can get a prescription to show the courts, I would just quit until you don't have to report to anyone. If you don't live in a medical mj state, maybe you should think of moving!

    Hope this helps a bit.
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  8. DrugTestDave

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    Follow the dilution tips on this forum and before you get into all that, take an at home test. You may already be passing or coming close. Let us know how you do. Good luck!
  9. Ownedinthedome

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    Drinking water, before my drug test. Let us see, I hope the best. Shitty thing is, I think this is going to be a LAB test. Weird thing is, I feel more comfortable with the LAB test haha. Something about not knowing my results right off the bat makes me feel more secure instead of having to look my P.O. right in the eye after I pee into a cup and it tells him if I passed or not.

    Details: Smoked pot pretty much all through July, not every day but somewhat close. Casual smoker, only takes a couple hits to get me high, highly doubt I could finish a bowl to myself. Stopped smoking last tuesday (1 week of being clean), past few times smoking was resin before I stopped. All weekend been eating MASS food and being lazy trying to cover the canabanoids with more fat. Woke up at 10, showered, 10:45 started drinking water and took 5 345mg aspirin. Drinking as much water as possible without puking, so far havnt started pissing yet, hoping it comes soon. Plan on taking atleast 3-4 pisses before the drug test, and hopefully get the midstream into the cup. drug test will be taken around 1-2pm.

    I will post the results either today or in about 2 weeks depending on the test. WISH ME LUCK!

    p.s....FML :'(
  10. Ownedinthedome

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    I passed the drug test! In only one week and all I did was drink mass amounts of water to dilute the test and eat a cheesburger before to start packing on fat. It was a lab test for TASC labs and got a negative. It is possible the pass within a week of smoking and I am proof. Dilute, Dilute, Dilute!
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    Congratulations Ownedinthedome.

    Readers should never just assume a pass just by diluting. Follow the prescribed regimen in the dilution sticky to give yourself the highest of odds in passing your screen.

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