Passing a UA for Walmart

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Xombie, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Xombie

    Xombie New Member

    Title says it all. There's no way I can pass a piss test in week and im expecting a call for an interview sometime this week. I was considering going with Quick Fix and was wanting some feed back on what to expect from it.
  2. Xombie

    Xombie New Member

    Also should I try diluting instead or using my GF's urine (who does not smoke). It's just a panel test so far as I know.
  3. Xombie

    Xombie New Member

    Wow thanks for the useful tidbits guys. Great community here....
  4. OS#1

    OS#1 New Member

    Dude if you can get clean urine from someone as close as a GF and you know its 100% clean. Why would you try anything else. Your own clean urine or someone else's is your best bet. Don't trust QF anymore.
  5. Xombie

    Xombie New Member

    You were right. Quick Fix DOES NOT WORK!!! It resulted in a false positive which in turn made me have to retest this time being observed. I can already tell ya I don't have the job without a call back from the company because I used a home test that morning and failed.

    What a huge waste of 35$.
  6. Hzu

    Hzu New Member

    LOL QF gave you a false positive. Always great for business when a synthetic product makes you come up positive. Try a little harder and be less aptly named. :rolleyes:

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