Passing a urine test for life insurance

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by canadalion, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. canadalion

    canadalion New Member

    Hello all.

    Long time MJ smoker, but not everyday.

    I am 5'8", 190 lbs, but I am in fairly good shape. In fact I had an appendectomy a few months ago and my surgeon kept asking me if I was a steroids user (never in my life - fyi). I work out 4-5 days a week, including cardio and weight training. I could definitely lose 10-15 lbs, but there is not way you would look at me and think I was overweight.

    As far as smoking goes, I would say that I am not a daily user, but I average maybe 4 J's a week and I have smoked in this sort of regimine for about 2 years now. However, each month my wife does a 7 night span of work (shift work) and I would smoke 2-3 small J's a night when she is at work.

    She does know that I smoke, so that is not an issue - clearly I am bored when she is at work.

    I have to do a urine test to get life insurance, and the test date is Feb 5th in the evening. I have said on my application that I do smoke pot, but I am claiming that I only smoke 1-2 times a month.

    I have not smoked (or slept propoerly- lol) in 11 days, and I do not plan on smoking until right after the nurse leaves my house for the test.

    The test will be at 8pm that evening, so it definitely won't be the first urination of the day. I plan on using the mid-stream urine, and I've been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice (although it's tough to find low sugar cranberry juice).

    I will refrain from working out the day of the test, or for 2 days prior.

    First off - should I be worried about passing this test, especially considering that I already said I was an occaisonal smoker? I basically do not want to being paying huge premiums for this (especially since I am not a cigarette smoker), nor do i want to be considered uninsurable.

    Second - what are my chances that the test comes back clean? I realize that THC is stored in fat cells, and that it can show up in your urine for anywhere from 10 days (light users) to well over 30 days for chronics (this is straight form my good buddy who is a Doctor and has administered several urine tests - FYI - he also said that in this day and age it is difficult to try and 'fool' the labs, because they now can detect if you are trying to mask the drugs; he also mentioned that the test likely would not show any levels of THC, but rather just show whether it is present in your system or not).

    I guess I am hopeful for the test to come back negative and that I will just say (when interviwed - which is happening the night of the test) that it is simply an occaissional thing I might do at parties.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'd like to show up clean on this test.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Man, I can't wait to get this over with so I can sleep......

  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Were you informed that they'd be testing for marijuana? That is not a typical test for life insurance. It's more likely that they'd be testing for nicotine.

    I don't know what "passing" the test would involve. They obviously aren't going to disqualify you for being a marijuana user, since you already told them that you are.

    Not true. All drug tests have thresholds - they do not register positive unless the sample has more than a certain level of drug metabolites. The typical threshold for an immunoassay test for THC metabolites is 50 nanograms per milliliter. Everyone has some level of THC metabolites in their systems, though it might be vanishingly small. It's in the air.
  3. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    I had to take a piss test for drugs for a life insurance policy and a few others have posted here that they had to take one. Some have had it taken at their home and that makes it easy to sub.
    I had to go to a clinic and could have subbed, but at the time I didn't need to.
    I think it is the same reason companies are pushing a drug free workplace. They get breaks on their insurance.
    Insurance companies think pot smokers are a higher risk than non-pot smokers.
    You are correct about the nicotine. They test for that also.

    If they start testing for drugs to get automobile insurance, I am going to buy a fuckin' horse and buggy from the Amish down the road.:D
  4. canadalion

    canadalion New Member

    well, sometimes I mix some smokes in with my doobs, but it's a tiny long would that take to get out of your system?

    ....and you are likely right that they won't disqualify me for MJ, since I admitted that I smoked, although on the application it asked if I had used it in the past 10 years - then they sent me a form asking about usage....I have yet to send it back....trying to decide if I should put that I stopped using in 2006 (last toke was Jan 3rd, so although technically a lie, it's a white lie) or if I should just say that it's an occassional thing that I do on average once a month.

    That's why I thought I would inquire about possibly not having enough THC in my system that it won't show up....if that is the case, then I might opt for saying that I gave it up in 2006.....but I''m not sure.....argh lousy insurance.

    So if I keep drinking a ton of water and cranberry, do you think the THC will show up in my system?
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    They don't usually test for drugs on an insurance test, and now they don't have to. You told them.

    I would never admit to smoking pot on an application, whether it was for a job, insurance or a loan. Whatever. If it isn't in your system now, or they arent testing you for it, why give them the information?

    You cannot give out the ammo then complain that you were shot.

    At any rate, get some clean urine and sub.
  6. canadalion

    canadalion New Member


    Fair enough on that....guess my conscience got the best of me....

    As I said before though, the application asked if I had smoked in the past 10 years. I answered yes. Now they are giving me another form asking when and how often. I could say that I gave it up a year ago, 2 years ago, etc. but the issue now is, if I say I quit a year and a half ago, but they find something in my system, then they will know that I lied on the new form.

    SO, thus the question, do you think it is likely that I could pass by abstaining for 33 days? The test is on Feb 5th, and the form is not due until Feb 20th. It would look suspicious if I called 2 days before I had to fax the form and asked how the results were....

    Anyway, I do take other prescription medication, so that complicates the subbing, how in the world do you keep the substitute urine at the proper temperature? Also, where in Toronto would one go to find clean urine?

    Thanks very much.

  7. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Good luck. I haven't met a Canadian yet that wasn't fucked up. Just kidding.(That was for Richi. He likes my Canadian jokes.)

    Why not buy a home test and check yourself a few days before you have to do the "real" test? That way you would know if you need to sub, dilute or just piss and pass.
  8. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Thanks for the info buzzby, 1toke, Sec,and Canadalion. I am in the process of changing INS Providers, goin from 1200 a month down to about 540 and have cheaper copays on office visits and meds.

    As for the horse and buggy, I dont know if I can give my Hawg up. We will just have to sneak around late at night on the dark of the moon 1Toke
  9. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Change the insurance provider, but keep the Hawg. You may get more time to ride it this coming summer.;)
  10. canadalion

    canadalion New Member


    2 more days until the test....

    I haven't smoked in 31 days. Been working out (weights and cardio) for an average of 4 times a week (some days 1 hour of cardio, others 30 minutes) and eating well.

    For the next 2 days I am doing nada except drinking beer (it is Superbowl weekend after all), water and cranberry juice, and eating crap -ahhh McD's...been avoiding you for 28 days (but now I'm real gassy! lol).

    Anyway, pass or not, it's been good to be 'clean' for a month. Finally starting to sleep (hey, I can actually remember dreams again) somewhat decently.

    My test is not until 8pm at night, so I'll be drinking a lot of water that day, and missing my Monday night hockey game. Will even take the B12 vitamin and likely take some Aspirin an hour or 2 beforehand.

    I claimed I smoke around 6 times a year (not a lie - more of a half truth tho), and I will tell the nurse (if asked) that people were smoking at the SB party I was at but I did not partake (which will be true as I will not partake - but I will be envious).

    So, whatever....if my insurance rate is outrageous, I will stay clean for a couple of months (after some time) and then retest to show I am clean.

    Thanks for all the help....and wish me luck.

  11. canadalion

    canadalion New Member

    Got my insurance

    Just wanted to post that. Seems it wasn't as big an issue as I was making it into.

    Now excuse me while I start rollin....
  12. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline New Member

    Thanks for the update. You even put it in your original thread. Rep points and a "Thank You" are due to you for that.:D
  13. riseofmonkeys

    riseofmonkeys New Member

    hey canadalion,

    im going through a similar experience right now. im also in toronto, so it might even be with the same insurance company (sunlife). i filled in the medical questionnaire, but answered NO to whether i had used any drugs in the past 10 years. this is of course untrue, but i didnt want my employer to know of my love for the MJ. now i need to take a urine test in a week in order to prove my good health. could you explain why it wasnt a big deal? im not sure whether i should divulge my habit, or stay clean for a week and hope to pass. any advice to help me out (and relieve my worries) would be greatly appreciated!

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