Passing urine test within 48 hours of use

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by iambear, Mar 12, 2012.

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    Hi. I was unexpectedly sent by this recruiting agency to take a drug rest prior to going on the job.
    Here are the details. I smoked up last time on Sunday night at around 9 pm. I was sent to take the test today (Monday) but will take it tomorrow (Tuesday) latest I can go is before 4 pm. This gives me about 42 hours since last use. I bought this strip cleanser (32oz) from the local head shop. I weigh about 170 pounds.
    So question 1 is: is this strip cleanser stuff reliable. 2) can I use it even thought he test will be within 48 hours of last use. (all the detox stuff supposedly need 48 hours of abstaining in order to be effective.
    Second option is to use synthetic or a clean person's urine. But I've never been drug screened before, so I do t know how much scrutiny there will be etc. the test will be done by Quest diagnostics if anyone is familiar.
    So, should I use substitution, and of yea, synthetic or a friends. How do I keep it warm?
    If the detox is he route to go, does strip cleanse work? Even in my case? What else should I do if I do the detox as far as eating etc. maybe another detox product is better. All comments will be appreciated. Especially if you've had to test within 48 hrs of use.
    Thanks a ton!!
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    My best first advice is to do a search for your answers. We have a large, extensive data base that I am sure you will be able to find all your answers........;)

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    My best suggestion would be to sub CLEAN doner urine. Use hand warmers (Wal Mart) & a temp strip to keep it warm. Best of luck.

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