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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Tarzan, May 19, 2002.

  1. Tarzan

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    I wonder: In the western movies where they show Native American chiefs smoking peace pipes, it's never really clarified as to what they're smoking in those pipes. Is it possible that in reality, Native Americans smoked cannabis in their peace pipes, and that perhaps that's another part of hemp history that Anslinger and his cohorts and successors have since managed to suppress from the public?
  2. Panama

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    Cannabis isn't native to North America, it was introduced by early settlers who used the fibers for rope and textiles. "Peace Pipes" were usually filled with sage or some other herb and sometimes tobacco. Interestingly enough, Native Americans were also introduced to the habit of smoking from the white settlers and absorbed it into their culture.
  3. Wiseman

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    Are you sure about that? I was alwas under the impression that the white settlers were introduced to the habit of smoking from Native Americans, given Tobacco is a new world plant and there wasn't really anything in Europe for people to smoke... Could be wrong though.


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  4. Panama

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    Now, I may be mistaken, but it's my understanding that tobacco was native to Central America and the European settlers brought it to North America.
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    From :

    So there we go :)
  6. KWhite

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    And if you will speak to some of our wisemen...

    "We didn't inhale the tobacco. We use it in our ceremonies as what it is, a holy herb. The White Man came and abused tobacco. Not the Indian."

    Bear Heart
  7. Panama

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    I reckon I stand corrected. :)
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    you guys didnt know? Weed came from Asia, places like vietnam and such
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    another fact...

    wet tobacco (that is, not dried) is said to be a highly hallucinogenic trip... i read somewhere that this is what many shamans native to northern america used to procure visions... something like it was their connection to the gods... or what have u....
  10. dmbtex

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    I'm pretty sure that's not true, but I could be wrong.
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    Bah! The only thing you get from smoking too many cigarettes is a sore throat, a raging headache, and the spins.
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    Natives along the BC coast ate mushrooms to 'see the gods or dead relatives, etc'. My grandma see eats mushrooms, too. shrooms! grandma! Those two words don't mixed well in a sentence.;)
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    Hey! no mention of other drugs! Even really really great ones like....well...whatever it was you said:D
  14. Whoa! ima try that right now! lol

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