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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by D420, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. D420

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    I bought the product Vale, which im planning on using to pass a drug test later this week.

    Ive been clean since tuesday and im expected the drug test on friday.
    Since then I've been downing water regularly to the point where my urine is crystal clear (not that it means its cleaner) but in taking the vale product, what i would like to know is if once drank the detoxifying effects will last until i smoke pot again, or if im on a limited window, the product itself doesnt say anything about timespans of effectiveness, so if anybody could shed some like it would be greatly appreciated...

    I've emailed the company with the same question, but im getting a bit nervous and would just like anybody elses input if possible, thanks
  2. Buzzby

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    All of these products work by dilution. They do not convert THC metabolites into something that can't be detected, as they'd like you to believe. You can duplicate the actions of these products for a fraction of the price by following the guidelines in these links:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    Because they work by dilution, detox drinks can fail if the concentration of THC metabolites is too high. Drinking a lot of fluids makes you pee a lot, reducing the concentration of THC metabolites in your blood. They'll be restored from that stored in fatty tissue but eventually they'll all leach out if you don't smoke. Drinking a reasonable amount of fluids shortly before your test will dilute your urine, lowering the concentration of THC metabolites. If you dilute too much it will spoil the test and you'll be retested or failed. The aspects of dilution techniques other than drinking fluids are to make dilute urine appear to be less dilute. At high concentrations of THC metabolites it is not possible to dilute enough without diluting too much.

    The aspirin in the dilution + aspirin technique will mask THC metabolites on an EMIT test if the concentration is not too high.
  3. D420

    D420 New Member

    Wow thanks a ton Buzzby, I now fully understand the concept of what im trying to accomplish with the "water loading" technique, and its greatly relieved a lot of my stress......

    but in a bit more specific about doing this, im considering taking aspirin as well, but im not sure if i'll be taking the test tomorrow or friday, and im just wondering if taking aspirin every few hours is going to help in any way or if its just a method that should be used prior to the test as shown.

    I'm guessing in my case i'll stick to the plan im on which is sticking to pounding water till i take the test, then on the day of the test take the drink so that the vitamins inside ie b-2 and creatine, i should be OK to go as the method shows

    im just wondering if i should start taking aspirin regularly if that will help anything...

    as well is there any local store besides maybe a headshop that would have home testing kits

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