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Can you spare a few seconds to help legalize marijuana?

  1. Yes, I will send a letter right away

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  2. No, I probably should get off this website in that case

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  3. Already signed it

  1. Bluntz2Blaze

    Bluntz2Blaze New Member

    Please help Pennsylvania become the 3rd state to completely legalize marijuana by writing a letter to our rep at.....

    2 bills are being pushed, one to completely legalize marijuana and the other for medical marijuana. Either write a personal message or send the pre-written one. Spread the word; the more who know, the stronger we become. Together we are a more powerful force! :grouphug:

    Fight to legalize the herb:mj2:Tell a friend on facebook

    Kat :thumb:
  2. FievelJ

    FievelJ Member

    I am ver
    I am very hopeful, that if it doesn't pass this time, that it will by the next Governor of PA... at least I hope.
    I don't want a lot, just two plants. I wanna be able to grow my own, without the stigma of a law system telling me (No). If this goes to the NORML prewritten letter, I have already sent mine too. ;-)
    I hope, more come together soon, and get together to support this. It is time for change.

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