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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Castigar2000, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Castigar2000

    Castigar2000 New Member

    Dudes. Been awhile since I've been here. So much weed has been smoked between my visits.

    Anyway, after smoking a lot of weed for awhile, I came to find that the more consistently I smoke weed (Like every day for a couple weeks, thanks to a recent purchase, lol), the more my personality changes into a much nicer and easy-going person. Seriously, what kind of fucktard could possibly argue that weed is bad? If they only knew what it was like, dudes.

    If you found this thread completely uninteresting due to the stoned nature of this posting, here's an internet video of a stoned person (not me) videotaping a sprinkler and sharing all sorts of thoughts about rainbows and hilarious shit.
    Today's BIG Thing
  2. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    I get ya man and we have a lot of threads such as this that prove there are many who feel the same. I have blazed everyday for the whole summer and have become the nicest guy ever. I feel less pressured by the world around me and just 'go with the flow.' It is a great world after little mary plays with it.
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  3. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Many people can probably relate. I really like who I've become since I started smoking weed.
  4. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    I used to think I completely lost touch with the person I was before. At first it depressed me and the thing that made me start thinking about it was the fact people pointed it out (like when you dont see someone for a while and you see them for the first time a long time later). I blamed it on the pot, but when you think about it your really just growing more as a person and you dont need to outwardly express it to make it known to everyone.
    Like your maturing, and some kids seem to be in a rush to make it well-known to people how 'mature' they are. Ive become more quiet and I say really what needs to be said but my morals remain strong. I think weed filters out the bullshit and makes you focused on what really needs to develop. just my 2 cents.
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  5. TwistableLime

    TwistableLime New Member

    I find that I have become extremely more talkative when and after I smoke, which is great because I'm generally regarded as the "quiet" person. However most still believe me to be that person, but only because I don't smoke with them :) . Yet, if I use a vaporizer, then the next day is absolutely fantastic! Vaporizing just gives me a better high and the next day I usually feel phenomenal and I honestly believe that vaporizing has, and will continue to improve my quality of life :D .

    While pot does chill me out, and the following day is great, I find that I still get back to my old personality on occasion where I get a bit nervous or anxious about something completely stupid. Its funny because I've always considered myself a laid back kind of guy but I'm starting to realize that I'm nervous about A LOT of shit that shouldn't matter, haha. And I believe that due to this anxiety I can't fall asleep properly nor stay asleep for all that long. And I'm always shaking my damn leg (unless something deeply grabs my attention for a while) :(
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  6. macphearsome

    macphearsome New Member

    i like to think that somehow, weed let me release a little bit of my tension and see the world with a little more patience and empathy. I used to be pretty wired. Now I'm super gentle. I've always been harmless, but a little bit anxious and sometimes a little annoying. I just try to keep everything calm around me these days and it's working out pretty well.

    but hey, people grow... who knows maybe I'd be the same guy either way.
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  7. I Like HCP

    I Like HCP New Member

    Oh man that is too true, that's really cool to read. I'm going through the same thing right now, although it's odd that since I've started smoking regularly, I've just completely changed as a person, but definately for the better. I just feel I'm more in touch with everyone and everything, and I even enjoy everything and being around friends alot more. Perhaps I just got out of a depression, or just my whole high school/teenage mindset? Lol, I don't know but it really feels awesome.
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  8. TwistableLime

    TwistableLime New Member

    See, even though I have been smoking daily I feel as though I still haven't gotten out of a depressed mindset (I'm not overly depressed, just always think that things could be better). Maybe its just the shit I'm smoking, but quite honestly I never feel all that motivated even outside of smoking. I always think of about the shit I don't want to do when I'm smoking (don't know why) and it kinda gets me down. I think its every time I get into bed I think about my next day and it usually involves things I don't wish to do, so its kind of a bitch to get up. Although the same thing happens when I'm sober :rolleyes:

    I wish I could genuinly feel happier and not necessarily have to put on a plastic smile.
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  9. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    A change of mindset will do that to you.

    You smoke consistently and you wonder why you get depressed?

    As I said: a change of mindset works wonders.
  10. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    I've got the highest (lowest???) grade of Clinical Depression on the scale. Pot completely changes my personality. I can relax, not want to blow my brains out, not automatically feel inferior to everybody else in a room, focus on any given task and do it correctly. It actually turns me into a functional, productive human being.
    It has also saved my state and I an appreciable sum of money. Getting institutionalized is really expensive.
  11. jp82

    jp82 New Member

    I agree with you totally. I'm 25 and I suffer from Bi-Polar II, GAD, PTSD, and OCD. I've been institutionalized once. I take Effexor XR, Klonopin, and Seroquel everyday and honestly that shit makes me feel like a lethargic, detatched, droid. If I smoke weed I feel alive, I actally laugh and feel the moment. I, like you, don't want to blow my brains out when I'm high and feel like a person. It makes me feel like I can see a future for myself. I'm able to slow down and THINK. I can focus and re-group.

    I unfortunately live in a state that doesn't condone medicinal marijuana and I'm without a connection. So, I take all this shitty medication, sleep, and live in my room. I'd love to have a nice bowl right now.
  12. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    It sounds like we popped out of the same mold, man!:)
    They've got me on 50 mg of Prozac and sort of an "as needed" dosing on Ativan.
    The only good thing about the Prozac, is it makes the high last for the longest freakin' time. Probably due to Serotonin levels going through the roof.
    Got a Heart condition and type II Diabetes, too, so they're wary of putting me on a plethora of meds.
    I have had a couple panic attacks on weed, but they're not mental. Just the physical symptoms. Bit of deep breathing and I'm ok.
    For something that's demonized in the press for "causing" psychosis and paranoia, Pot really helps to get rid of both problems.:p
  13. codfish

    codfish New Member

    I wish they'd prescribe pot for certain psychiatric disorders.

    I honestly believe weed helped me stop being so hard on myself, and let me chill out enough to really think clearly - it takes away the irritating background noise.

    I am/was an anorexic. (Not in a severely intense way anymore :) Haha)

    ... I bet you're thinking :rolleyes: ... the pot made her hungry and she ate. Haha but no; I was already hungry all the time. It's not that you don't feel hungry ... it's just that you're like .. AFRAID to eat or something. It's really strange.

    What pot did for me was make me feel like I could coast without skidding out of control. I realized life was too short to let something as destructive as starving become my main source of comfort. I wanted to live again. I felt reconnected to the earth. Really!

    Weed gave me this feeling that I really did have the potential to do anything I set my mind to. Whenever I start freaking out about food or something I can always calm down with a joint. Always. Celexa never did that for me. Lithium never did that for me. Epival never did that for me.

    I’m a really happy person at my core. Weed brings me home.

    Now, I don't know if weed is right for every one. But for those of us who respond well to its effects ... It seems unfair to deny it as valid treatment.

    *hops off soap box and scampers off* :cool:
  14. onexlove

    onexlove New Member

    Smoking changes you drastically. It can for the better or the worst. When i first started smoking in the early stages, i disliked it. i would get very quiet, out of place, and my mind will fill with thoughts. it was a jumble. i would later smoke and decifer every thought. they were all about life. they were about my flaws, what i could be doing differently. when i started to heavily smoke i would think more and more about life and where i had room for improvement. smoking opens a third eye for you, it makes you use a piece of your mind you've never even known you had. once i accomplished everything i thoiught abou t while smoking, after i got rid of every one of my bad habbits and replaced them with good ones, high doesnt even justify the way i'd feel after smoking. i finally had nothing else to think about. smoking was the peak of my life, changed me for the better. i hate to say that, that icouldn't change by myself. you mind can be so open, but after smoking it is completly open, your hoirzons are endless. i would feel a natural high on top of a smoking high. it was the happiest time of my life. i could accomplish anything, i was so abicious, i was fear less, i was strong, i was idependended and free spirited. it helped me soul.

    i went 3 months without smoking and now its back to square one. i lost touch with myself on this 3 months break. my bad habbits came back and i'm not half the person who i was while smoking. the highs now are the highs i first felt re evaluating my life.
  15. Nepo

    Nepo Sr. Member

    Very true, exactly the same for me. Even the sleeping and shaking parts haha.

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