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  1. So, I'm from the Bay Area, California and along with our warm summer climate comes a myriad of garden insects. My plants have been mostly indoor but I always try to take advantage of this beautiful summer sun. After my first 2 weeks growing, an aphid came through and chewed a big whole through on of my my plant's leaves. Two weeks ago I found a caterpillar eating an entire leaf and forming a cocoon on one of my internodes. Needless to say I was fed up. But in the last two weeks I've developed a little system to help with pest control and been able to stay insect free!

    Firstly, get an insecticide. We are all afraid when it comes to using chemicals on our plants, so get an organic pesticide. This one is organic and made without harmful chemicals. Make sure to spray pesticides in the morning to prevent leaf burn. Dont spray in temperatures of more than 85 degrees. Make sure that you follow the instructions on how often you can treat your plants. This one is every 5-7 days, but take it easy on your plants.

    I made this little box with 3.5 foot sections of wood i found in my garage. Then I ordered a bug net online for about 15 dollars. Depending on what bugs are in your area, you will have to choose how big or small the holes in the net will have to be. Smaller holes allow less light. This net allows 85% of sunlight to penetrate.
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    Pretty cool way of controlling pests. Just one question. Chemical used in toxic or non toxic. Is it safe for other pets and kids. I do have two pets and kids in my house so always prefer to use natural and safe pest control methods

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