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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Eko, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Eko

    Eko New Member

    Anybody know a decent head shop in the Philadelphia area? I went down to south st yesterday and didnt find sh*t. I was hella surprised by that. Thanks a lot.
  2. dbighead

    dbighead New Member

    Look in your phone book under Novelty shops or head shops.

    Or you could start to buy off the internet.


    hope that helps.
  3. dyolF kniP

    dyolF kniP New Member

    Artifax (sp?) im not sure the exact location but i know it is near south street so just look for a sign that says Artifax Tobacco accessories and go down the stairs and open the door i guess, i've never been there before but ive had friends go there and get me pipes and its semi expensive. :chokin:
  4. lazybumguy

    lazybumguy New Member

    yo eko, i'm also from the home of the blunt!
  5. vaya

    vaya Activist

    As am I.

    Philly rules. What if we've seen each other, but havent known it? Wierd.
  6. dyolF kniP

    dyolF kniP New Member

    WTF! why dont we just meet up and have a huge smokeout sometime? :p
  7. vaya

    vaya Activist

    So you live in a redwood tree in philly?

    ... so do i...

    heh heh heh.
  8. Eko

    Eko New Member

    Oh fosho! I'm hella down. Im at school in university city. hit up my email, we should hella have a gtg. hahahaha :D
  9. Yeah, I'm in school here in Philly too, what a city.

    Head Shops: There is a very limited selection but some nice glassware on south street at a store called "out of africa" (or maybe it was "pearl of africa" but i think it was out of. anyways, the dudes there are pretty chill but not a huge selection. oh, and be careful 'cause they have two locations on south street so you have to go to the right one (it's the one in the lower numbers).

    Also try looking for a place called wonderland, it's around 20th and Walnut.

    Hope some of this helps, always good to here from fellow stoners in Philly.
  10. FreudPhilly

    FreudPhilly New Member

    Well what do you know, another philly person. LOL and I was just starting to think this friggin' town was dry! I might go ahead and send you an email myself, would be cool to network! =)

    Anyways, the head shop of all head shops is located in Center City. As someone mentioned above, its called Wonderland. Its located between 20th and 21st street, on Walnut St. If you're going with the flow of traffic, it will be on the right side. I've been in there a bunch, trying to find a "friend" but the guys behind the counter are real quick to fire warnings to people if you even look like you are about to mention the word "pot" "weed" or "marijuana". But they've got everything in there, including some really nice glassware! The store is actually 2 levels.

    Now even though I'm moving out of the city in a couple days, I've been in a unique position- I've lived about 2 blocks away from the place for the past year. And I'm going to tell you, I have seen undercover cops stake that place out at least once a week. I've never seen them question anyone. They tend to sit across the street, on a bike, and just watch the store front. It was kind of funny because I was parking my car there, and when I was getting out to feed the meter, one of them said, "hey I think they start towing after 3:30". I said to him, "oh, thank you officer". Well, he peeled out of there on his little mountain bike pretty quick!

    But anyways, if you happen to be holding any weed on you or anything, just be aware of that. If you are really paranoid about being charged with carrying "paraphenalia" then you can always buy a little bit of blended tobacco, in Wonderland. Anyways, there's the scoop on it =)
  11. JiNseKi

    JiNseKi New Member

    whoa more philly stoners! philly is a great city, but i found it rather dry and didnt think there were many tokers. universities around here are great tho for pot and very easy to get once in one:cool:

    we should have a philly toker get-together...anyone willing to set one up by all means do so. we're all in for a good time if everyone brings wut they got:D
  12. JohnnyCocktail1

    JohnnyCocktail1 New Member

    Philly has some great places Wonderland, Artifax in N.E. philly, but if you want to take 35 min. ride north to New Hope you may get glassware cheaper. The last time I was there it didn't have a name, it was under Superkind and Primal Urge piercing.
  13. HolySmokesPhilly

    HolySmokesPhilly New Member

    Holy Smokes in NE Philadelphia
  14. tjohnny

    tjohnny New Member

    you could try mankatoqualityglass website. I know they are new and are not located in philly. But they do have some sweet pieces and free shipping.
  15. MiamiVapes

    MiamiVapes New Member

    a friend of the family owns Wonderland located in Center City Philadelphia google it I think they're still around. they are huge and have tons of stuff or at least they used to be

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