Pictures of dime, eigth, quarter, ounce?

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  1. where i live dimes of mids are a gram and dimes of kush are about .6 to .8
  2. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    The only way to know is with a scale. The simple fact that any one type of bud compared to any other type of bud may have radically different weight to volume ratios is why. One cannot simply look at bud or approximate with their eye or hand measuring methods. Impossible.
  3. billabong572

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    :wtf::rastabong:mj2::banghead::kaka::split::flush::silvermj::trippy::vomit::gleaf2::mj::puker::jester::gleaf::bong2:EXCUUUUUUUSSSSSSEEEEE ME ! R U All retarded? U cannot fit a large PISS-ANT onto a typing keyboard key!!!!Which keyboard key r u referring to? 1 eigth = 3.5 grams . The weight of an american nickle = 5 grams,You coulg maybe fit 1 gram over the area of the space bar but r u going to cover it with crumbs,buds or in the baggie? yim billabong572 hope this helps!?!
  4. nerphroll

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    Just remember to always ask yourself...which weighs more, an eighth of shwag or an eighth of chronic?
    This thread hurts my brain.
  5. t-1000

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    I quickly bought a scale once I started dealing with good bud. I can't tell you how many times I bought an eighth of really good bud that looked like a gram or so. Each time it weighed out perfectly and I was pleased to see that it ground into a very large pile. You cannot go by looks, trying that will just result in bad relations with a dealer or you getting ripped off.
  6. Nokternus

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    These size issues are all about density as well..not just size. With time, and, owning a scale, which I recommend any smoker to purchase at least once; I myself have been through 4. (Various reasons don't ask why).

    Your perception on weight of herbs based on density, dryness/wetness, size and fluffiness will come with time. There is no real way to judge. For example a dime (10$ worth) could be a tightly dense lump no bigger than the top tip of your pinky finger. Or it could be a nice fluffy bud bigger than one lens off a average sized pair of aviator sunglasses. This will come with time to you, just keep noticing the aforementioned traits of your pot when you are analyzing how big it is.
  7. jpgblazeup

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    if you get weed i generally found that a twenty (doubledime) can take up a cigarette pack but i also get a little over 4 grams for twenty so you can try to figure it out from there but definatly invest in a scale because unless you do alot of buying or selling its difficult to eyeball quantities despite what method you may try to use because like others have said all weed is created differently
  8. mark87fndr

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    I suck at telling how much buds are.

    If you show me an 1/8 I'll probably think its a quarter or vice versa. You'd think after 3 1/2 years I'd be able to get it down :'(
  9. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    You'll never get it down.
    Buds can be different densities, which would make smaller buds weigh more.

    There is no way to judge weight on sight alone, although you can get a couple clues.
    Still... Get a scale.
  10. fight4theright

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    This whole problem can be easily solved by buying from someone you know and trust. I know that when I buy an ounce, that is exactly what is in the bag. I don't have to bit my nails that I got ripped off, or have a scale that could get me busted for distribution I were to get caught.

    Like everyone else has said already, it is truly impossible to tell by looks alone.
  11. drkseph

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    Where I live a dime bag refers to either 1 gram or ten bucks worth of weed. It depends on where you get it. I get it through friends so for me a dime equals ten bucks which is a gram, and a gram is a little nug about the diameter of a US quarter in a sphere (mids). However if you go to a shitty dealer you could end up paying up to 30 bucks for a dime. Thats because most high school kids will pay anything cuz they're spending their parents money and they aren't too smart. High school dealers suck because they only want the quick buck selling small amounts, and dont care if their customers dont come back. Which they usually do, because high schoolers are idiots. Thats why we have to drive about 30 minutes to the nearest ghetto town to meet my friend's dealer friends, to get good shit at low prices. An 1/8th of good shit (3.5 grams) shouldn't cost you more than $30, and thats high grade mids or low danks. I never buy more than an 1/8th so I couldn't tell you about anything else.
  12. troublemaker420

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    Merely having a scale alone isn't enough to get you charged with distribution. If the scale has weed residue on it, and happens to be located in close proximity to weed, money and packaging materials, etc....the possibility of getting nailed for intent to distribute skyrockets. However, a scale alone may add to the reasonable suspicion or probable cause needed for a distribution charge, but would NOT justify such a charge all on its own.
  13. b1s8e3

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    Prices of weed vary greatly based on location, type of bud, dealer, relation to dealer, amount of time it takes the dealer to talk to you, whether or not you have blue hair, too many factors play a role, the best advice is to buy from somebody you know, or grow a small amount for yourself. :)
  14. billabong to face

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  15. metanoia

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    If your dealer seriously sells you an 1/8th for 50 of mids, you seriously need a new dealer
  16. newpotmoker

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    in my town it goes like this.

    Quarter=7 g's
    Half= 14 g's
    O=28 g's
  17. toke_after_toke

    toke_after_toke New Member

    an ounce should be pretty bulky like a large african-american sized weed dick haha. an eighth should cover the bottom of an average ziploc bag and be maybe an inch high? anything smaller can really vary
  18. SmokeyMcPott

    SmokeyMcPott **********

    You're being shorted. 3.5 to an eighth and 7 to a quarter. :\
  19. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    Yeah usually its .8 for a dime, 1.2 for a dub...for the better quality stuff. If it's mids people usually just get that in 1/2 O or QP ;)
  20. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    Just buy a scale. Makes things so much easier!

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