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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by FLStudio4512, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    well, i recently have been in and out of the hospital from being stabbed wheni got into a fight. my friends rode me there and the cops basically interfered with the whole emergency process. i got subpoenaed and since i made no statement, reserved my right to remain silent but there are others who chose to speak, their choice. i was stabbed on the left side and sliced on my left arm my nerves are messed up so i have limited mobility in my hand but i am going to physical therapy and time will tell. all the vitals in my gut were missed, but i guess my pancreas was nicked because my scar on my belly had to be re opened to let the fluid drain :rolleyes:. i don't want to go into details surrounding why and what because i don't want shit to come back and bite me, but basically the guy couldn't fight with hands and was made a fool and apparently wasn't having that.

    the slice on left arm

    the 2 stab wounds healing up
    the re opened surgery scar
    i had a a pancreatic pseudocyst meaning fluid build up that had to be drained from that hole^ (not my belly button)
  2. Nepo

    Nepo Sr. Member

    Wow damn good thing you're fine.
    I can't believe there's people who would actually try to knife you from an argument, that's messed up.

    Were you about to fight bare knuckles or what?
  3. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    i already had won and then i got it in hindsight i shouldve knocked em out ifound out it was that kind of fight the hard way
  4. Spiderbite

    Spiderbite New Member

    What does it feel like to get stabbed? :O
  5. feedyourhead

    feedyourhead Girly Girl

    If the guy that stabbed you introduced the weapon to the fight, I would be suing them for everything they've got. Mutual combat is one thing, but it goes completely and totally out the window if someone increases the severity of combat by using a weapon. They don't tell you not to bring a gun to a fist fight for nothing...
  6. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    oh it's awesome---dark humor, well my arm went numb and my hand didnt work and the stab felt like a really hard punch in the kidneys that makes you bleed, but my kidneys are fine
  7. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    Thanks man. Now I'm scarred for life. hahaha
  8. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    well now that the incision is closed again turns out it's tracking because of infection so now im treating it with augmentin and having to milk pus out every 10 minutes as to avoid bloating or go to the ER and be sliced open and get IV antibiotics *sigh* yay...
    Ill give the augmentin a chance I don't wanna go back.
  9. Toxik

    Toxik New Member

    atleast not literally ^_^

    But get well soon FLstudio
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  10. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    OOouuuCHH dude. I was just watching cops and this guy had gotten stabbed. That shit looks painful!! Heal fast, and smoke slooooow
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  11. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    Thanks ya'll. Hopefully I can drain it enough, theI started last night with the first augmentin they're freakin' huge. The milking helps too.
  12. LonerStoner

    LonerStoner Peace, Love, and Pot!

    Glad to hear you're alright. That all looks horrible.
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  13. FLStudio4512

    FLStudio4512 Sr. Member

    well for those who happen to see I may have to have surgery to stop this fluid from coming from my pancreas, the surgeons didnt seem to flinch at the idea of surgery which is...still unsettlling for me but i can feel the swollen area on my skin right over my pancreas. they said it may take care of itself or they may have to clip it. so now im googling shit about pancreases yikes
  14. snowboard_loser

    snowboard_loser Sr. Member

    good luck and well being going out to flstudio.
    keep making beats man/ or w.e. style you do.

    i was in a construction accident a few years ago and shit like that messes you up.
    like i said best of luck.
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  15. yoshi31

    yoshi31 New Member

    this should not be seen as if i dont care, but this is very unrelated to marijuana haha
  16. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    This message board is not all about marijuana, it is not a rule to relate to marijuana in every thread. If you browse through the topics you will find several with no mention towards marijuana.
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  17. Frid

    Frid New Member

    Damn Fl seems like ya got stabbed maine. Sucks for real tho, I cant imagine the pain of being stabbed with a knife.
  18. jakup

    jakup New Member

    Damn, good luck with that shit man. Vaping a bowl in your name as we speak. ;)

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