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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Njxstoner420, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    Has anyone hear actually smoked he REAL pineapple express or Maui waui or kohana beach. The real stuff is ONLY from Hawaii you can grow some but it won't smoke as well because the soil in Hawaii is way richer.

    Anyway I wanna know if anyone has smoked this because I seem to be the only one where I live and everyone is like dude that's not even real or whatever.

    If you have just wanna know how good you thought it was.
  2. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    Because it's NOT REAL! The people who made the move Pineapple Express invented the name. After the movie was released, suddenly there was a "surge" of Pineapple Express weed going around when it never fucking existed before! Why? Because dealers want you to think their weed is good shit so they can jack up the price on people who will fall for such tricks.
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  3. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    This man has it right.

    Pineapple express was never a real strain, it came as a trick dodgy dealers used to make their weed seem much cooler. "Wow, that was in a movie, must be awesome, i'll buy it"

    And about growing - it doesn't matter about the richness of the soil, or the amount of heat, light and humidity in your area. Because of advances in indoor garderning, you could practically mimic hawaii's climate and soil in your living room if you wanted to.
  4. WMtexas

    WMtexas New Member

    Pineapple express is fake.
    Just a name the people who wrote the movie gave it.
  5. Kushy

    Kushy down

    The strain is not real, but the term 'Pineapple Express' is actually real. There is a long wind current along California's coast called the Pineapple Express, probably where the writers got the name from.
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  6. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    Hmm, interesting to know I suppose aha.

    I'll pop that one out next time while stoned with some mates :)
  7. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    First off all buddy the movie pineapple express came out in 2008 people in Hawaii had been smoking thisfor over 10 years so your wrong and don't know a thing. In Hawaii (where I was born) they are famous for pineappples and is a section of the island that is called pineapple express and drug dealers grew weed in with the pineappes so it was called pineapple express. Because the pineapple gave good cover.

    Which is no reference to the movie "pineapple express" so get your facts straight if your gonna comment okay?
  8. Chiefsnow

    Chiefsnow New Member

    I got some PE (or so I was told) about 2 months ago or so. It smoked like just another brand of dank--nothing too special, imo.

    I think names can be confusing because there's no legally protected and sanctioned branding occurring. Thus, anybody can call anything anything. I've even (rarely) had a batch or three of mids that smoked almost like what I thought was PE, so what does that mean?
  9. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    Only places you can get pineapple express are Amsterdam, Hawaii, California, or if you have a great connection
  10. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    no you don't seem to understand, Pineapple Express was not a known strain at any time before the movie thus the movie came before the strain. Which means anything you get that is called Pineapple Express is either a strain someone bred and then named Pineapple Express or is just some bud someone is trying to make a few bucks off of by slapping a fancy name on it.

    The fabled Pineapple Express from the movie is not real, were it a real strain it would have been going around before the movie was even conceived. Of course if "White Widow" the movie comes out any time soon then the argument for that will be different.
  11. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    I wish I had read this post earlier because now I do feel like an asshat. if what you claim is true...
  12. jacjak

    jacjak Sr. Member

    So pineapple express is'nt a strain it just means any type of weed that is grown in that area right? Like BC bud is weed grown in BC, so pineapple express bud is grown wherever you are talking about.
  13. FaDeDaSsYrIan

    FaDeDaSsYrIan New Member

    I think he means that type of weed that they did grow in the pineapple tree/patch/bush (i dont know what the correct term is) is known as pineapple express. maybe its like some super extinct steroided bud?!?!
  14. thelonglostson

    thelonglostson New Member

  15. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    What I'm saying is that pineapple express was a strain before the moie Came out and the REAL pineapple express was first grown with pineapple it added flavor as it mixed with the weed while growing if it is grown any other way (which can be done) isn't nearly add good because te pineapple n rich soil make it the great strain it is
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  16. thelonglostson

    thelonglostson New Member

    That's awesome, I had no idea it was real. No wonder they said it was the rarest of the rare in the movie... Pineapple flavored weed, man that sounds great :hail:

    Do they still grow it like that? I've had something called pineapple trainwreck before, not sure if that would be close to the same.
  17. Blunt Wraps

    Blunt Wraps New Member

    Pineapple express isn't a real strain.

    Maui Wowie is the shit though. I've got it from dispensaries before. Some dispensaries even sell Maui Wowie chocolate bars, they are the shit.
  18. Zocalo

    Zocalo Sr. Member

    My best friend grew Mowie Wowie in NY. I never had to buy weed. Ever. That was until I moved away from him :(.
  19. thelonglostson

    thelonglostson New Member

    Actually it is a real strain, look a few posts up there.
  20. Njxstoner420

    Njxstoner420 New Member

    I hope you guys know mowie wowie which is spelled Maui wahoos a nickname or pineapple express from the hawaiin island Maui. So the Maui waui you guys smoked isn't a real strain.

    And pineapple expres is still made the same way but you can grow your own and it will still be a dank pineapple tasting weed but not as good as when grown with pineapples

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