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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by SnakeEyes2131, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I just bought this new great glass pipe but the bowl broke off in my pocket. Please tell me the best way to fix glass pipes. Also when i put the pieces back together there is a small (maybe 1cm) gap where there is a small piece missing, does anyone know what i could use to patch this hole? Please help me.
  2. Big Chris

    Big Chris New Member

    if you cant duct it fuk it
  3. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    There are things you can use (PM coolguy, he has experience), but if it's a bowl, you're gonna have fire right near your sealant, which is a bad idea. Plus, you're going to need a big spot of that sealant wherever that hole is. I'd say, either return it to the store and exchange it (if possible) or forget about it.

    Also, your bowl shouldn't just break off in your pocket unless you really hit something hard. Maybe look for thicker glass next time.
  4. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member

    if it cost you alot i'd see why you would bother to fix it... if it was me I would just let that pipe hit the bucket if it was cheapo
  5. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I want to fix it b/c I paid $50 for it and I had to go to the city to get it.

    What is the best glue (or sealent or whatever) to use on glass?
  6. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    PM coolguy.
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I find it odd that such a spendy pipe would break so easily? Did you fall on it or something?? I'd be pissed if it just broke without there being some sort of impact on it. A quality pipe shouldn't just "break" for no reason.
  8. sdragon1984

    sdragon1984 New Member

    i agree totally.

    id ecomplain to the headshop. assuming, of course, you didnt bang it against something hard. if they wont do anything about it, then cut your losses (unless coolguy gives you some good advice) and dont shop their again. too many good cyberheadshops out there to be wasting good money on cheap pipes
  9. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I think the pipe broke b/c I took the subway and the train to get home and it was pretty crowded so i think thats why it broke, I've gotten good pipes from this headshop before.
  10. Bad luck man I feel for ya brand new pipe breaking already. I'd just PM coolguy like wiiesky said considering he has had expierence with this sort of thing. Good Luck fixing it.
  11. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I just PMed coolguy. I'll let you know when he replys.
  12. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    Hey bro,

    The sealant somebody mentioned as being the best is that epoxy for filling car winshield cracks. You can find this at an auto place such as Checkers, Autozone, etc.

    I would not recommend it for pipes though because the stuff is flammable and toxic. You don't want to be breathing the fumes of this crap.

    When you say your bowl broke off I assume the middle part of your pipe was the skinniest and weakest part of glass and it just snapped in half? I've had a pipe break similar to that. Even if you were to glue the pieces back together the pipe would still be weak. Weaker than when you got it. And already it sounds like it wasn't very strong.

    I guess if the bowl where the flame is going to be hitting isn't anywhere near (couple inches) where the epoxy would be going I might consider trying to save the pipe.

    For the hole I'd put a small, clear piece of packaging tape over it then glue the cracks together all the way around the pipe with the stuff you get from the auto place.

    It may or may not be worth the effort. I know I wouldn't try to fix a pipe unless it was my only smoking device or it was a lot of money.

    Weiisky mentioned my name because I had some luck fixing my bong with that stuff.

  13. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member


    Thanks for the help coolguy. I will try to fix it b/c it cost $50 and its the first glass pipe that I own completely. My other two pipes are co-owned with my friends to save money. I'll let you know if I actually fix it or fail trying. If I fail and cant fix it I'm going to the city again saturday so I'll have to buy a new one. Either way I will have a glass pipe that is all mine :bong2:
  14. Have you tried to return it, or at least called the headshop to see if they'll take it back? At least do that before you try and fix it.
  15. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    I havent tried to bring the pipe back to the headshop because it is in the city (NYC). I wont be going back to the city until this weekend so I'll try to get a refund/exchange. If they say no then I'll try to fix it. Thanks again.
  16. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Just a warning...if its been used, DO NOT bring the pipe back to the headshop unless it is spotless, as in you cannot tell it has EVER been smoked out of. Most headshops are very strict about this, as the can no longer claim their items are for tobacco use only if they are caught with a pipe with cannabis resin. They can get shut down for selling"drug paraphenilia" if there are any signs their products are meant for smoking cannabis. Personally, I wouldnt risk taking it back.
  17. SnakeEyes2131

    SnakeEyes2131 New Member

    It broke before I got to use it so its still clean.
  18. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    oh, ok then......definitely try to take it back before attempting to repair it!
  19. p420

    p420 New Member

    i have this chillum that i broke the bowl pack on and the sides broke off and kinda left it in a V shape. i used hot glue to fix it and used it all summer. it worked but the only problem was that after a few minutes of smokeing it would start to melt and then id have to stop and let it cool. thats probly your best bet, if anyone knows anything that wont melt id love to know. :)

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