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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by aznp1noy, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. aznp1noy

    aznp1noy New Member

    I didn't change the screen in my pipe for more months. Instead of cleaning it I usually just placed another screen on it. The third screen I put was about a month ago. Yesterday I noticed it was really hard to inhale through it because it was clogged up by the screens. I took the screen out and placed 1 good one, and it was good again. The 3 screens I took out were all covered in black, I decided to try and see if I cans moke it, I packed 2 of the screens in the pipe and lit it. I was amazed how fast it started burning, alot of smoke came out of it too. I had about 10 hits out of its and I'm pretty stoned right now. The only bad thing is the taste, tasted kinda metallic and I was wondering why. Is it because the screen is being burnt and inhaled too? or is it because the black stuff is so attached to the screen that it taste like it?
  2. IggyPop

    IggyPop New Member

    You are inhaling fumes from the metal. EXTREMELY BAD idea.

    I myself don't use a screen, a good bowlpack can just make screens completely unescessary.
  3. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Yeah, You most likely inhaled some metel in there. I was going to do that exact thing to my svreen but said screw it, dont want any metal in my lungs.
  4. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    ouch...thats gotta taste terrible.
  5. Growguy

    Growguy New Member

    ive seen people do that before. i personally just burn off the black stuff from the screen as im not desperate enough to smoke it
  6. Redline

    Redline New Member

    soak it in alcohol and just smoke the resin :liplick:
  7. quimb420

    quimb420 New Member

    the resin on the screen is very good but dont torch it when you hit it or it will taste like A**
    that is the easyest and most effective way to clean your screen.
  8. dopenose

    dopenose New Member

    That metallic taste is probably metal. That's kind of funny that you smoked it. Smoke grass.
  9. aznp1noy

    aznp1noy New Member

    I was just curious, thanks for the advice.
  10. Cheerio

    Cheerio New Member

    thats a good idea, thanks for it. when [if] i start up smoking again, ill for sure save the pipe screens...i just tossed them before. didnt tihnk of smoking them ha.
  11. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    whats the point of putting a new screen over top of the old one?

    what did you hope to accomplish actually?

    I never changed my metal pipe screen once and I never had a problem with it, and my buddy changes his all the time because its "clogged"
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    DANINKY New Member

    You should do one of two things:
    1. Get glass screens. They're a bit more expensive, but you change them much less often and you don't ever have to worry about smoking metal again.
    2. Don't use a screen at all. Smoke enough out of it until the bowl naturally builds up some resin to where you can smoke it but still not get crap in your math. Just put a big chunk down and then put finer stuff on top of that until the resin builds up. If it gets clogged, scrape it, roll up the resin, and smoke it. It doesn't taste the best but it gets you pretty stoned.

    And to answer your question it is because you are burning the metal of the screen and smoking that along with the resin.
  13. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Metal screens are perfectly fine, was just not the smartest idea. I have been using a metal screen for a month or two and you never smell metal or taste it, it only burns if you put the flame right to it.

    Glass screens are nice, I just usually lose them, but again I do that with everything while high. I still have no idea how I've lost like 5 lighters. I usually find one every few weeks.

    I HATE smoking without a screen. I will do it if I dont have a screen, but half of the time it will get clogged and its a bitch to smoke out of.
  14. phoebe

    phoebe New Member


    ive been smoking out of a bong, but the inside of the bowl is broken. so i took a screen from my sink and put it in there. so far it's been working great, iv'e been using it for a couple months. but for the past few days i've had these really sharp pains in my lungs. is this from the screen? is it damaging my lungs? i need some answers cuz like, i dont wanna get cancer or some shit ya know?
  15. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    What was the point of putting a clean screen on top of a dirty one? The piece wouldn't draw any better since the dirty screen was still blocking the air flow.
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  16. Username113

    Username113 New Member

    i use glass screens. they are better for taste, cleanliness, and there cheap as hell. not as cheap as metal ones but there like 6 bucks for a dozen on ebay with a small stash jar so its super cheap. plus you can clean them and use them forever and they looks cool :D
  17. andalite789

    andalite789 New Member

    i agree with him soak in alchol strain through coffee filter an let alchol evarate off natualy or put it on a plate (glass) an put it over some steaming hot water on the stove (rember ventilation is of huge importance) an scrape the residue after its dry an smoke an you also have a screen thats as good as new
  18. Jesus of Ganja

    Jesus of Ganja New Member

    I do this sometimes when im really really really desperate... if you do it like once in a blue moon it wont kill you
  19. TheCheese

    TheCheese New Member

    Your probably inhaling the screen metal every time you light your bowl. If there screens meant for smoking I don't see any real problem.

    Screens stop those burning pieces of charcoal from hitting your mouth.
  20. jerseyskum

    jerseyskum New Member

    Chances are the resin burnt with the metal.I really dont think thats a good idea.If you dont want to use a screen get a pipe with a smaller hole in it and pack it good,once cashed then u know its done.

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