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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by imported_jdude, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. imported_jdude

    imported_jdude New Member

    i noticed there was a bit of talk about foil screens both aluminum and tin being very bad for you, so my question is are pipe screens sold at head shops and online bad too? because that is what i use

    I am relatively new in smoking and i apologize if i am asking a stupid question or repeating a thread
  2. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    I think those are copper and steel, those are fine...
  3. imported_jdude

    imported_jdude New Member

    thanks, i was becoming hesitant to smoke with my pipes...
  4. Smoke_THC

    Smoke_THC New Member

    i think they are bad for your health. but not as bad as tin foil.
  5. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    Ive never heard of that....I believe they are safe, they dont burn....
  6. InMyMind

    InMyMind New Member

    As far as I know, foil is fine..

    Man, you're worried about the health risks of tin foil? LOL, you do relise that Marijuana is bad for your health right? lol
  7. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    pipe screens are as safe as you can get, or at least they're no where near as bad as smoking marijuana (and even that isn't bad when used responsibly and in moderation). Smoking anything is unhealthy, but a screen that was MADE to be put through high temperatures and not burn (aka- pipe screens you can buy at headshops) isn't going to cause you any damage, unless you sit there and torch the thing for a minute or two.

    Also, it helps if you change the screen out every once in a while. They can get pretty clogged up and nasty...

    :edit: The problem with smoking from aluminum foil is that it's thought to cause Alzheimer's disease. I did a little digging and found this on wikipedia.org

    It’s still best to avoid smoking from aluminum, if just for the fact that it tastes like utter crap; they can also give off some pretty nasty fumes that aren't good for your lungs. responsible use of marijuana is minimizing the risks involved in smoking it, which is reason enough to avoid using aluminum foil. Using it for a last ditch effort is one thing, but aluminum shouldn't be the only thing you smoke out of; there are much better smoking devices out there that are very cheap. I know you can pick up a metal pipe for like less than five bucks at a headshop, papers are dirt cheap and work perfectly fine, and you can even find some really cheap glass pipes at some gas stations.
  8. TheGnome

    TheGnome New Member

    and if your worried about a metal screen, they make glass screens...well you might be able to call them screens, more like a small jack thing that you stick into your bowl.....check out the collectors thread about glass to see it.....
  9. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    There are stainless steel, brass, and glass screens. I now have all three. I am going to give the brass screens I have to a friend because I hate brass. I only use a SS screen for my glass whip, and I use a glass screen for my glass pieces. Nothing better than glass on glass. :D
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Foil is not "fine" for a couple of reasons

    1.foil tends to alter the taste of weed considerably, and is extremely "harsh" to smoke from. I like to relax when i smoke and enjoy it. I don't enjoy inhaling nasty smoke that hurts my throat. I like my mj....I see no reason to abuse it in such a manner

    2. Health risks- The possible dangers of foil have been addressed previously, however, you seem to believe that marijuana itself is more dangerous than the precieved dangers of smoking from foil. What, exactly, do you find "dangerous" about marijuana itself? the plant is nontoxic, and has never been proven to cause cancer (and actually has been shown to REDUCE cancer in some cases). Yes, breathing in ANY smoke can cause throat lung irritation, but foil increases this irritation much more than other methods. I, for one, refuse to smoke out of foil, but have little to no irritation using a bong or glass pipe. My primary question to you is what dangers do you associate with marijuana being "bad for you"? Its certainly no worse than many other things are, when used in moderation. Excess use of almost anything, incvluding WATER, can be dangerous. What dangers do you associate with moderate marijuana use?
  11. timpo17

    timpo17 Member

    I migh have asked this question someplace else-but like a stoner, i forgot where i posted previously....
    So, instead of tinfoil, what is a good household item to create a sort of screen for my creations??
  12. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    unscrew the end of one of the faucets in your house.....most have a screen thats the perfect size for most bowls, and should be safe to smoke from as well!! Make sure to clean it up a little before using if it appears dirty.....soaking it in rubbing alcohol for an hour or two should loosen up any buildup on the screen
  13. Tacofarm

    Tacofarm New Member

    Unscrew a faucet and grab a screen... that's what I do on short notice.
  14. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    Another good way to clean the gunk off of a faucet screen is to heat it with a lighter for a while. Let it turn red and keep it that way for around thirty seconds (hold it with some pliers so you don't burn yourself), then flip it around so your holding the screen on the other side and scorch the rest of it. Let the lighter rest after the first burn, they’re not made to keep lit for that long...

    It still wouldn't hurt to dunk it in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after you burn it, if just to get all the gunk your lighter left on it (the black crap).
  15. timpo17

    timpo17 Member

    Yo thanx a lot...Im gonna do that until i make a visit to a headshop.
  16. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    LoL i remember doing that with our old sinks..eventually we got sinks that use these plastic type of screens. But I would just go to the local hardware store and to see sink screens, thats what I do then i just grab 5 of them for less than a buck
  17. carguy64

    carguy64 New Member

    Like vickyFL i too have 3 types of screens, glass is very nice when used with
    a glass pipe. Brass does tend to get a taste to it, stainless steel is the way to go if it's metal your going to use.
    And yeah, the faucet things that screw to the end of the faucet have nice screens. On most of them you get more than one and the size is good too.
    Been doing that for years, and if you don't burn off your screen all the time
    they last a very long time.
    I gave my brass screens away too a long time ago.
    Speaking of which i think it's time to fire up the proto pipe, anyone have one?.
    Mine is brass the stainless one was a lot of cash so....
  18. kayy

    kayy New Member

    Aluminum foil isn't bad

    This should answer all your questions:
    Aluminum foil is very pure- in fact it is 99.9% pure, with the .1% being various residues from the manufacturing process that are burned off at low temperature and other impurities found within the material.
    Humans contact aluminum from various sources throughout their everyday routines. Common uses for aluminum are: food (naturally occurring) & food additives, antacids & other pharmaceuticals, cooking utensils, soil, drinking water, air, and electronics.
    Aluminum has a shiny and a dull side- there is no difference to the two sides, this is caused by the manufacturing of aluminum. The sheets are too thin to cut one at a time, so they cut two pieces at a time, causing a shiny and dull side.
    Average human intake of aluminum is around 3grams (a little higher inCanada because the drinking water is treated with higher concentrations of aluminum).
    Aluminum, at temperatures below melting point, does not give off gas or vapor.

    What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?
    Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease that affects the brain- causing mental deterioration, disorientation, depression, memory lapses.

    When studies have been perform on patients with Alzheimer’s Disease scientist have found that patients have high concentration (10-30 times the normal) of Aluminum in their systems.
    Studies were conducted in order to find out if people who drink water with high concentrations of aluminum had a higher risk at developing Alzheimer’s Disease. These studies did show there was an increased risk- HOWEVER, studies have been done where individuals drank water without being treated with aluminum and found the same risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
    These two test indicate that there may be genetic reasons why some individuals develop Alzheimer’s.
    Studies performed on patients have not found a common factor in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease
    Scientist do not know if Alzheimer’s Disease causes higher concentrations of aluminum, or if it is caused by high concentrations of aluminum.

    Smoking Using Aluminum Foil
    Most brands of aluminum foil (Renoyld’s Wrap with the anti-stick coating and similar brands being the exception), are untreated and remain 99.9% aluminum (again with the .1% being residues and other agents in the manufacturing process)
    In order to inhale aluminum it would have to be changed from a solid to a vapor. This requires a lot of heat. More heat than what it produced by a butane lighter. A butane lighter is not even capable of melting aluminum, if a lighter fails to melt the aluminum, it will not be able to change the aluminum into a vapor.


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