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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by detsiwt, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. detsiwt

    detsiwt New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've got a question regarding screens.

    I recently just bought my first piece from a local head shop and it's just a small glass pipe because I still live with my father so I can steal conceal it.

    Until now I was living with room mates and used their stuff but I'm now going to college in a new city where my dad lives and it's much cheaper to live with him.

    Anyways, on track!

    The pipe definitely needs a screen because when I grind my herb it's so small that some of it falls through which is obviously bad!

    I don't want to go downtown JUST for screens so I've been using home remedies, the best being a small square of 1 ply toilet paper in the bottom because it's doesn't burn harsh or for long.

    I'm wondering if there are better methods out there? I know aluminum foil works but I've also heard it is bad for you.

    Is this true? Are there other methods? What else could I use?

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  2. jodster

    jodster New Member

    Get a small piece of bud thats big enough to fit into the hole of your pipe and shove it in there so it gets stuck. Then put the rest on top. Remember not to shove the piece of bud as hard as you can but only enough so it won't fall through.
  3. SpiralSpindle

    SpiralSpindle Sr. Member

    I saw this idea somewhere on here and decided to try it. If you take the screen off a pair of iPod headphones it fits great in the bottom and doesn't shrink your bowl much. It worked great. Just wash it or burn it clean in case there's anything on it. It might get clogged kinda fast but that's cuz the screen is so fine.
  4. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    tiny little rock that fits in the hole

    clean it and presto! perfect screen
  5. detsiwt

    detsiwt New Member

    Firstly thanks for all the comments.

    I'll probably just use another piece of bud, that's a good idea assuming I don't grind it too fine.

    iPod Headphones aren't cheap... that's a good idea, but then I need new headphone don't I? :p

    I might as well go buy some screens before I do that!
  6. SpiralSpindle

    SpiralSpindle Sr. Member

    well if you have a pair that broke or anything like that. I had an old pair of em. The ones that came with my iPod. Those ones break pretty fast anyway just if you use this make sure they are metal screens. Also just some really fine metal screen you could find at any local hardware shop. All you need is a small bit cut into a circle and put it in over the hole in the bowl. And after a bowl or two there should be enough stuff to hold the screen in place.
  7. Youre unlucky that the screens are downtown, I can get pipe screens from the local convenience store for 50 cents /5 screens. the chinese guy even sells pipes( but I'm sure not to buy any, I prefer homemade stuff made correctly. Fine paraphernalias what ) ;)

    Best idea is to go once to the shop downtown and buy a load of screens, so you don't have to go back.
    Or if youre lazy, grind ur weed with ur hands, the pieces will be big enough to not pass through the hole.
  8. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    i have a fairly small glass piece, and i am a light to medium smoker. does anyone have any good ideas for something i could find around the house to use for a screen?
  9. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Unscrew the diffuser cap on the kitchen sink faucet.
    There should be a SS one in there...
  10. robTHEstoner

    robTHEstoner New Member

    How would i get it out. Mine is kinda stuck :(
  11. Thedayoudied

    Thedayoudied New Member

    no just like put a piece of paper or a piece of foil at the end, wrap it around make it flat over the hole. use tiny rubber band or piece of tape to make it hold. use a pin to poke a few decent sized holes. i have no screens atm and have been doing this but it'll fall off from time to time. oh yeah and put it over the mouth piece part of course.
  12. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    a seive....thats what i use. all you need is a fine sieve and some sharp scissors and cut small screens to whatever size you need
  13. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    im tellin you use a little pebble!
    its perfect, some even prefer it
    some go as far as to use volcanic rocks because there are holes in them to allow more airflow

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