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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by TexanVeteran, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. TexanVeteran

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    Me, being extremely new to the lifestyle, having no materials at all, had someone suggest to me to buy a pipe. My question is how do I know which pipe to get, and how do I go about getting one from a smoke shop for the intended purpose of smoking weed?
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  2. Egzoset

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    Salutations TexanVeteran,

    Here's an advice. Do yourself a favour and choose healthier alternatives to smoking (toxic e.g. combustion) considering the habit was a spectacular error in recent human history. Maybe our ancestors could think of excuses when there was no internet, no TV nor radio, in days without even electricity to power all of these instant-information wonders... All they could rely on in a relatively fresh-new democracy was papers owned by politicians, with help from their prosperous industrial friend$ and so on... We've inherited the resulting burden and still have to deal with it now.

    So, why not have control over your own destiny instead? Not everyone got that option, my generation didn't. Actually both governement and manufacturers worked together as predators to pump the money of nicotine addicts while causing life-long durable prejudice assorted with heavy taxing to top it all. Which is the bigot prohibitioni$t way as they feel an urge to interfere only to villify: to "break the toys of others" on planet Itnoc, In The Name Of Children!...

    Etc., etc.

    The consumption method will shape a cannabic profile i believe. One reason i finally prefer my pipe over decent/expensive table devices wasn't just about portability: for me it was a matter of Release/Tranport Agent... In short most commercially-available machines rely on cheap/convenient Hot Dry Air alone but i eventually discovered i like clean-burning butane-operated pipes better because it's possible to "potentialize" such RTA with super-hot moisturized air, since there's steam (H2O) generated within the corona of a butane flame, plus CO2 and also "impurities" from the fuel can. Hoping future markets will come to supply "bio" grade butane with zero "comet dust" in it instead of having (30 ppm) "near-zero impurities"... But that's all we got at the moment thanks to socio-toxic bigots running our planet; not to mention i found necessary to customize my pipe for 3½ years as i didn't manage to operate it correctly the 1st time, but that's me.

    In other words it's quite easy today to identify what's nuisible health-wise, much less to choose an alternative as the industry is focussed on what will sell instead of what's inclusive of everyone's own needs - with those of persons like myself equally accounted for.

    So, with luck on your side it may be possible to buy an electric vaporizer which you'll manage to operate without developing related problems after a few months/years of use. If not this lucky then i'd suggest implementing fig. 11/12 of the VaporGenie (pipe) patent similarily to the way i did, for example:

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  3. WeedGadgets

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    Any standard tobacco shop should be chalk full of pipes. When you're first starting out, any regular handheld pipe should do. My first one was the size of my palm and could fit easily in my pocket. If you're looking for more discreet pipes and stealthy smoking pieces, you can always check out Weedgadgets.co.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Zack Writer

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    I think you need a few pipes. Sneak a Tokes are a must for discreet smoking. A small bubbler is nice for a smooth smoke. And a Bong is appropriate for a party.

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